Now when we talk about V6 Supercars, there only have been a few V6 supercars, most famous of them all is the Ford GT, one of the fastest and the most expensive supercar money can buy, then on the relatively affordable side we have the Nissan GT-R, the MC20 kind of sits in the middle of both these cars. It also strikes a perfect balance between the GT's exotic nature and the GT-R's high performance.

So, if we see the MC20 from all the perspectives, we see that it has the badge, a badge that one can easily flex upon others.

Also, if you plan on keeping it as a collector which most people will do as it may be one of the last ic cars by Maserati. And even if you decide to sell it in the future, you can be pretty sure of getting probably the same if not more amount of money for your car (adjusting for the inflation).

Now the Maserati MC20 isn’t just reserved for the badge, it is much more than that, for example, if we start with the external body design, it’s one of the best out there, it strikes a perfect balance between aggression, beauty, and elegance.

Also, that magnificent v6 has a huge role to play in it. It has a 3.0 liter Nettuno 90-degree twin-turbocharged v6 engine that produces about 630 horsepower and 730 Nm of torque at 7,500 RPM, now if you have watched the movie Ford vs Ferrari, you would remember what the legend Carol Shelby said regarding 7,000 RPM. It’s a point of magic where both the car and the driver unite and the car becomes weightless, and the MC20 does 500 RPM more than that so we can only imagine the madness it brings along with it.

Now there are some limited edition V6 cars as well for example the Jannarelly Design 1, has a Nissan derived V6 engine in a car that weighs less than 1000 kgs, cars like those don’t come under the sports or supercar category, but they still compete with supercars in some way or other because of the price point at which they are sold.

Now the exact reasons why the MC20 is the best supercar out there is because it sounds good unlike the Ford GT which might be faster but just sounds loud and hasn’t got any music to it, the GT-R sounds okayish but yeah, the point is that none of these cars even come close to sounding as good as the MC20.

The GT-R is an obsolete car, it has been in production for over a decade now and the world knows that that car needs a successor not an update, but a legit successor. I am sorry to say this but the GT-R is going to lose its value if it keeps son selling like that, it’s 2021. Even in India, the only thing you spec on your Nissan GT-R if you plan to buy one is Colours. Look at Mercedes India, the amount of options they give with their car is just bonkers, it just makes the customer feel special and gives the customer freedom of choice.

As for the Ford GT, it’s fucking expensive, first of all, you would have to apply to become a Ford GT owner and then Ford will see whether you are worth owning a GT or not and if you manage to get selected, you have to pay about 0.6 Million dollars before we start talking about options.

So yeah, at the moment, no V6 Supercar even comes close to how good the MC20 is, it’s so good that if I were in the market for a V6 supercar, I would go for the MC20, eyes closed!

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