This time I am not going to talk about any supercar or Hypercar. Today I wanted to take a back seat and look into things from a different perspective. Where is the future heading?

What will the cars of the future look like? Have you ever wondered? I do. The year of birth of cars is 1886 when Karl Benz made the world’s first car, since then the world has seen many cars. Henry Ford came along and made cars affordable by making them in a production line, he was one of the chief pioneers of the modern car industry, and it was he who made cars affordable to the common man. Henry Ford gave us the Model T which at its time coined the term World’s ugliest car but the car brought a huge revolution along with it.

Its versatility was the strongest factor. The moment cars became affordable, companies started thinking of making performance affordable and that was the time when Performance became one of the huge factors when someone bought cars. Cars became powerful and powerful with each passing year, then the invention of motorsports happened.

In 1923, the 24 Hours of Le Mans came into life. Cars along with being practical machines to carry people around also became a source of entertainment. As more and more cars started getting manufactured, the need for proper roads also came into play, and thus streets were formed, but an increasing number of automobiles also meant increased traffic and congestion and that’s when traffic rules and street lights were born. Decades passed and some organizations were set up to specifically make rules and regulations for a road car.

In America, the three motor giants, Ford, GM, and Chrysler were ruling the markets. Along with innovation, came the concept of Globalisation. Manufacturers started to learn from each other, through factory visits. Globalization also allowed different countries to sell their automobiles in other countries along with their own country.

In 1950, F1 was born and it changed all things for once. Manufacturers started racing and this also provided them an opportunity to put their race engines into road cars. In the 1960s, Lamborghini started making cars when Ferrucio Lamborghini got insulted by Enzo Ferrari. Then came the car which is termed as World’s first supercar, the Lamborghini Miura. It was a huge success. The wildest looking car of all time the Countach, followed along as the successor of the Miura. Here at Ferrari, designers and engineers were busy making a car that would probably be the best Ferrari of all time, the F40.

The 90’s era is probably the best car era in my eyes. We witnessed the McLaren F1, the Bugatti EB 110, the XJ 220, and many cars like these which changed the supercar world once and for all. Fast forward to today, we are witnessing the death of IC engines in front of our eyes. Generation Z is the generation that has witnessed the best of the IC engine and will also see the death of IC engines. Hybridization and electrification are making cars slower and less wild. And engine sound is a thing that will be a thing of the past in the coming years.

Manufacturers like Porsche certainly make good EVs and would continue to do it in the future as well but I don’t see IC engine naturally aspirated IC engines lasting beyond 2025. The End of IC engines is near and the only way to pay them a good homage is to make the most powerful and best-sounding IC engined cars of all time. Let’s go!!!!

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