There is a new sensation in the market, particularly in the 7-Seater SUV Segment, can you guess that sensation? Well, that sensation goes by the name of Hyundai Alcazar, one of the most hyped cars of this segment after the safari.

Most people were thinking of it as just a 7-seater version of the Creta, but they couldn’t be far from the truth, it’s not just a Creta that has been made longer, and given the 3rd row of seats, it’s a whole new different car.

Keeping apart the criticism it was getting from the day announced the Alcazar, the car isn’t very good on the design front, Hyundai has tried to do the same thing on the front as they did with the Creta, which is to give it an impression of a robotic face, which they failed miserably at.

I don’t about you all, but I have seen this trend with manufacturers, since MG launched the hector, everyone became a fan of its robot faced styling and some went far ahead to give it a try and implement it on their cars, one of those manufacturers is Hyundai, just want them to don’t do it any further models, we are done with this robotic face thing with the Creta and the Alcazar.

Now talking about dimensions, since they matter a lot in this segment, the Alcazar despite looking as huge as it looks is not the widest or the tallest car here, surprisingly it’s the shortest car off the lot, but there is one area where it shines, and that area is the wheelbase, it has the longest wheelbase of all it’s competitors, the tata safari, the MG Hector Plus and the Mahindra XUV 500, 2760 mm to be precise, which is just 10 mm more than what the MG Offers.

Also, one interesting fact to note is that all these SUVs come with 18-inch alloy wheels in their top variant.

Now, let’s talk about the heart of the machine, the engine of the Alcazar. It has only a diesel engine at the offer and when we compare it with the engine of other cars in the same segment, it has the smallest of all, at just about 1.5 liters, you might be thinking that the engine might be good in some area but even if we take the horsepower and the torque numbers into account, it’s the least powerful and the one with the least torque, the torque is 100 nm low than it’s the closest competitor, and for an SUV of its size, the Alcazar needs more power and torque, so to sum up the engine, I have not impressed by it, unless they have done some clever engineering with the car, it will feel very sluggish, not only in the city but on highways as well, where it will be spending most of its time on.

If we talk about the petrol engine which only the Alcazar and the mg Hector plus offer, the Alcazar shines in terms of horsepower but falls back when it comes to torque.

There are a few things that I like a lot about the Alcazar, it’s a thing most cars can’t do, and that is to leave the customer with even a base model very happy, most of the features that the Alcazar has come standard across all models.

Now if we talk about the thing that matters the most, pricing, the Alcazar is on the expensive side, and to be honest, I think it’s a bit overpriced, especially when comparing it with its competitors. Now the price of the safari and the XUV 500, our two main stars of the division hasn’t been revealed yet, no as of now we have only got the hector plus to compare the Alcazar with. Even the hector plus is almost 3 lakhs cheaper than the Alcazar if we talk about petrol when talking about diesel the price difference comes down to about 1.5 lakhs.

The real competition will start when the prices of the two big bois are revealed, cause I believe these two cars, the safari, and the XUV500 are going to be controlling the segment.

So, let’s how this goes, I would still personally go with the safari.

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