The term supercar was first used in the 1920s, but it wasn't until the 1960s that supercars came into existence cars like the Ford GT which for churning out huge power numbers and exceptional performance figures for the time. People believe that anything in the mold of a Ferrari or Lamborghini was a supercar it was true as nothing in the market offered as much as performance on four wheels other than Lamborghini and Ferrari the first car that was given the title of a supercar was the Lamborghini Miura as it had performance numbers that were unheard of its time. Since then manufacturers across the world have been developing supercars, and there are hundreds of them to choose from but what if you want something faster than a supercar is more than enough for the road but the time is gone when making a supercar was a challenge for the company nowadays anyone can put a big engine slap some turbos on it and call it a supercar. That’s why in the year 2005 with the vision of Sir Ferdinand Piech the first hypercar car of the world the Bugatti Veyron was created. It was not a supercar by any standards it had a very large engine over 1000 horsepower and a price tag that made millionaires think twice. Its base price was a million dollars, and it broke all the world records. And thus the race of hypercars started. We love it because don't we? But there is a lot of hate on the internet for hypercars. People complain about their impractical and inefficiency all the time. Some even say that they are a show-off tool for rich playboys. After some research on the internet, I came to found out that there are 4 main reasons why hypercars are hated by some people. Firstly cost, people around the internet complain about why manufacturers produce million dollar price cars that a few can afford. The people who buy these cars have massive reserves of cash and thus they can afford to maintain and drive these cars, the people that complain don’t and thus the hate towards Hypercars. Secondly Performance, “Why would someone need a car that fasts? “They are too fast and where will you use all that power??” But when you think about it, people buy a lot of things that they never fully use. For example, people buy a 1000 watt stereo, a nice number and quite impressive but do you people turn it up when they use them? No. A Laptop, for example, could be used to perform space level calculations and create wonders with it, But what do people use them mostly, YouTube and word processing. Practicality they say is almost 0, but you see that these cars were not intended to be practical machines, they were created to be as fast as possible while still being road legal. And lastly, people complain about the way they drive, they complain that hypercars give seriously bad MPGs, they just keep sliding on the roads and they are too loud. Yes, I agree that they are too expensive, they are insanely fast for the road, they are not as practical as your Toyota, but people need to understand that these cars are the ultimate exercises in engineering, they bring out the best inside the capabilities of a company, and they keep pushing the manufacturers to create more of these automotive masterpieces. Also, they raise safety standards across the industry. They are the pinnacle of automotive excellence that one can get. They help humanity to pursue next-level engineering. Just like spaceships and rockets, and driving a hypercar in real life is as close as you can get to spaceships. This is all justified and thus hypercars should be made. Most of the people hate hypercars because of their inability to own one. Drive one or maybe even see one in their Lifetimes. But if you my friend think that your Toyota Prius is all you would need for the rest of your life then that’s fine, I will take the Bugatti Chiron as my ride. That’s all for this time guys, hoping you would like it. Thank you Ciao

Photo bySpencer DavisonUnsplash

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