Hummer, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind, when you hear this word, an off-road SUV which is humongous in proportion and as slow as a sloth, well that definition is about to change.

You see for a long time, Hummer was a Brand that made Army Vehicle for the US Army but when Arnold Schwarzenegger made a request to buy the SUV, the US government made some modifications and made it road-legal and that’s how the journey of the road going Hummer’s began.

The first was the Hummer H1 which was basically a road-legal version of the Army one, it was the same SUV. The Hummer sold like Hotcakes because of its road presence and muscular looks, the demand for this SUV was insane!!!

Fun Fact: - Ronnie Coleman, possibly the greatest bodybuilder of all time actually won the Arnold Classic bodybuilding competition because the winning prize was a brand-new Hummer.

Then came the Hummer H2, it was slightly muted, more road-friendly, and had improved road performance. But it had still some pretty big flaws, the visibility from inside the car was really poor, yes, the Hummer H2 might probably be the only SUV that has Visibility issues because SUVs sell because of their great visibility.

At this time, the Hummer became more of a show-off symbol than an actually good SUV, the Hummer H3 was the last SUV that came out but it didn’t capture as much attention as the previous models, so after this, the Hummer company basically got shut down.

A Few days ago, Hummer teased the Hummer EV, Yes, they are not going to launch a Gas Guzzling SUV now, they are going to launch an EV, and guess what it doesn’t make any sense.

Here’s why, the official website says that it will have over 1,000 Horsepower, what!!!!! 1000 horsepower in a hummer, GMC you insane or what?? You are going to destroy everyone.

The Torque as the website is around 11,500 Pound ft, now of course it isn’t the torque from the batteries, cause if it were then the Hummer EV would basically fly off, it’s probably the wheel torque of the Hummer EV, Tesla did the same with the Roadster, they disclosed the Wheel torque and not the actual Torque that the batteries are going to generate.

Here comes the craziest part, the Hummer EV will actually do 0 to 60 Mph in just 3 seconds, Yes, you read it right, not 5 or 6 seconds, just 3 seconds. The Hummer H1 did 0 to 60 Mph in 13 seconds, they have cut off a whole 10 seconds!!!!

I am so stoked about the engineering that has gone behind the making of this new Hummer. I can’t wait for GM to launch this monster on the roads!!!

After this, I can definitely say that the future is exciting.

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