Disclaimer: I am not a Hennessey hater

What another American Hypercar claiming it is going to break the 300 Mph?? I am tired man, of seeing companies unveiling car after car and claiming to break the 300Mph Barrier, can’t you guys just break the actual speed record and then reveal the car, won’t it be much cooler, rather than revealing then creating hype and then ultimately faking it.

But it’s not your Fault Hennessey, everyone can’t be as cool as Bugatti. No one can get closer to the savage level of Bugatti except Koenigsegg which is yet another Hypercar maker I admire a lot because of their engineering achievements.

You might have seen what Bugatti does, they actually break the record, and then they reveal the car, that’s why Bugatti is globally respected so much, they did it with the Veyron, they did it with the Veyron Supersports, they did it with the Chiron, they did it with the Chiron Supersports and now Bugatti has made a Car that’s so powerful that it can’t be tested on a track like Ehra Lessien!!!!

But more on the Bolide, later on, for now back to the venom F5, so design-wise, I am not going to lie, the venom f5 very much looks like the SSC tuatara, I mean the design, the silhouette, the curves, everything seems to have been taken from the tuatara and the rear seems to have been taken from McLaren, the mesh, the exhaust outlet, it very much seems McLarenish, but still I don’t mind, because the design is sleek and efficient.

Coming to the heart of the car, the engine, this is a very crucial part of a car, because this is going to decide the top speed record by a huge margin, design, aerodynamics, brakes, suspension everything is fine, but what’s the use of all this, if your car doesn’t even have enough horses under the hood.

But I am happy to say that this engine that Hennessey has put in the venom f5 is a masterpiece because this big bad boi has got enough horses in it to rattle the world, how about you taking a guess of the number of horses…. Let me tell you It’s not 1500, not 1600, not 1700 wait for it….. but 1817 horsepower!!!! FYI that’s just 17 horsepower less than what the Bugatti Bolide makes.

And all of that horsepower and torque is coming in from a 6.6 liter twin-turbocharged American v8 that sounds like it eats Dodge demons for breakfast.

Coming to the interior, Hennessey is focusing on making it as driver-focused as possible and thus the interior isn’t very busy, there are just the essential screens for displaying all the necessary information and the steering has been inspired from a freaking racecar, but the steering wheel could have been better in my opinion.

Talking about some of the technical kinds of stuff the Venom f5 has a drag coefficient of 0.33 which is low and is better compared to the Bugatti Chiron which has a 0.35 drag coefficient in the EB Mode, but with the Spoiler up the Venom f5 will have a drag coefficient of 0.39 which would help it in becoming a better track car.

Now the car was originally unveiled in 2017 at the Sema auto Show. The Concept was cool AF, when it was unveiled for the first time, people really went bonkers because with the venom f5 came the claims of the f5 being the world’s first car that’s going to break the 300 mph Barrier.

Not to be rude, but the concept looked much cooler than the actual car that Hennessey unveiled, all those exhaust outlets the large diffuser looked so much better and even the front end was more dynamic and sleek on it, but here we are with the actual f5 and it’s quite disappointing, to say the least, I wish they had kept the original design.

Now let’s talk about some of the performance numbers that Hennessey is claiming, the f5 will do 0 to 60 mph in just 2.6 seconds, very cool, but still 0.1 seconds slower than a Bugatti Chiron but here is the interesting part, the venom f5 will reach 124 mph in just 4.7 seconds and at 8.4 seconds it would have already crossed 300 kmph, and to reach the 400 kmph mark it will just take 7.1 seconds more.

These numbers if real could put Hennessey on a different level, all we need is an f5 and a Vbox and we will know if the f5 is the real deal or not. Weight is going to play a crucial factor here, well the venom f5 ways just 1350 Kgs, which is relatively light considering the horsepower and torque it carries within itself.

Moreover, the Venom f5 is rear-wheel drive so the driver has to be really skilled because if a normal person is going to drive it then he has is going to have a hard time controlling this car because this monster can only be tamed by the best of the best.

Power to weight is an important ratio to consider in Hypercars, more so if you are going to pay more than 2.5 million dollars for your cars, the Hennessey venom f5 has the power to weight ratio of 1289 per tonne, just let that number sink in your mind.

Unlike the Venom GT which has an engine by Hennessey and the not the whole car necessarily this time the venom f5 has been built by Hennessey from the ground up, the bespoke single frame carbon-fiber monocoque weighs just 86Kgs and has enough strength to bear all the forces coming in from that engine.

Since the F5 is such a powerful beast it would for sure require some big heavy brakes to stop it and they are 390x34mm Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes which are not by Brembo as you might typically expect but by AP calipers.

Tires have been taken care of by the best folks in the industry that is Michelin, 345 Section Sport Pilot cup 2 tires in the rear, they are of the same width as the tires you might find on the Aventador, the width also helps in efficiently putting in the power to the road.

Overall, the Venom F5 looks more European than American, what do you guys think?? Comment down below

The Best part that I love about the F5 is its redline, the Venom F5 redlines at 8,500 RPM, in a world where cars don’t even rev up to 7,000 this one revs up to 8,500, it’s probably the only Hypercar that revs up this high and the higher it revs the angrier it sounds.

Fun fact: Hennessey has nicknamed its engine as Fury, reason because John wanted it, the mastermind behind this car, and the engine weighs just 280 Kgs, Hennessey says that the f5 is built up of 3,000 Bespoke Parts, I can’t figure it out, did they actually sat down and counted the parts, whatever it is, it’s cool, cause it’s 3000, if you know you know…..

If we see the numbers, the Powers, and all the technical details, the venom f5 surely has the capability but I still doubt that It will break the record of the Bugatti Chiron in real, if it does then I won’t be surprised because it has 217 horsepower more 17 nm of torque more and is lighter as well due to a smaller engine. Hennessey has the chance to beat Bugatti this time, let’s see if the Venom f5 will do it or not, fingers crossed.

Last but not least, I want you to listen to Fury, have a listen…..

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