The Maruti Suzuki Swift famously known as the Tin can in the Indian Market, is a Premium Class Hatchback in the Indian Market, a Car which started as legendary but suddenly became one of the worst cars to buy with the launch of its 3rd iteration.

It hurts right?? Of course, it does man. When a Company ruins a Car, which used to be loved by enthusiasts across the whole country and used to be a dream car for every youngster Before February 2018, because that was the time when the 3rd generation of Swift was launched.

Now Let me tell you all a Story, you are going to like this one sure, so Grab your Popcorn buckets and let’s start: -

When Swift was first launched in the Indian Market in 2005 no one even the manufacturer themselves had an idea that this car would still be selling 50 years from now and here we are.

At the time of its launch, the market was hugely dominated by the legend Maruti 800, and Alto had already started capturing the Indian market at a fast pace, in this race of affordable hatchbacks, it felt like the Swift won’t even stand a Chance against such cars, but Boi o Boi we were so wrong, the entry-level car segment was never about features and looks you see, it was just the lowest possible segment with cars offering minimum to nothing, and then came swift and broke all the traditional barriers, youngsters loved it and talking about the engine, a diesel engine was introduced was later on in the swift, and when the Customers were asked to give their honest feedback on the engine, do you know what they said?? They said that the engines are butter smooth, both the petrol and the diesel, that was the swift, my friend.

It was the same case with the 2nd generation of Suzuki Swift, Lightweight, Punchy performance was maintained, but the design got even better, the design of the First Swift could be called Beautiful but the 2nd gen had aggression as well, and you don’t get to see aggression in an affordable hatchback but the 2nd gen Swift had that.

I have Experienced the 2nd gen swift glory edition, in my family for almost 5 years, and I have experienced countless journeys in it, 1000 Kilometres back to back as well, and Boi o Boi I felt so great in that Car.

Now I had high hopes for the 3rd generation swift, I was expecting Maruti to launch the Swift with some increased horsepower and torque, but as the saying goes, you don’t always get what you expect, that was the case with the 3rd iteration of the Suzuki Swift.

First, if all I was disappointed with the design of the car, the design philosophy of the Swift has been lost, how you may ask?? Well those Curves which gave the swift that sporty look has been straightened out, the wheelbase has been increased and the Car has also become wider, these changes might on see very significant but each of these things can influence the driving feel and the design of the car and both have been ruined this time.

I am sure you would have seen Manufacturers like Audi and BMW putting in fake vents in their car, guess what Maruti has started to do that too, but as the saying goes “nakal karne ke liye bhi akal ki zarurat hoti hai” Maruti didn’t quite learn copying correctly, big manufacturers even if they place fake vents on their car they do it in such a way that the Efficiency of the design remains maintained, they make sure that those fake vents are just for visual purposes, well on the Swift, these fake vents not only ruin the design of the car they create additional drag which ultimately undermines the potential of the car, and the car ends up performing worse than it actually could.

Now at the end of all this, the main question is, can the Swift be saved?? Can the legendary Maruti Swift be revived?? The answer is “Yes”, but it depends if the company wants to revive it.

Now I want to end this video on a Positive Note, so the thing is that the Swift DNA is not completely lost, the Swift still glides around the Corners playfully as it did before, it still has that wonderful engine which has got no lag and just keeps pulling smoothly, it still has that feeling of being lightweight, so yeah the DNA is still there, but if we don’t preserve them, the Maruti Suzuki Swift might just die and I for sure won’t be happy with that, it’s the affordable dream of every enthusiast out there so please don’t kill it Maruti, please don’t kill it.

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