Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Approximately few days ago Suzuki India launched the Gixxer 250 and the updated Gixxer Sf 150. The Launch Event was awesome and we got to test the Motorcycle on India's Best Racetrack the Buddh International Circuit. Styling wise Both the Gixxer 150 and the 250 Look alike and it would be difficult to differentiate between them if they are parked next to each other.

Let's Talk about the new player that has arrived in this segment the gixxer 250, Looking at the design, the motorcycle is quite good looking, the aggressive and pointed headlight, tall pillion seat height, contribute to the Aggressive styling of this Motorcycle, the Headlight is large in size and It's an LED unit and suzuki claims that the motorcycle will provide a Very good throw of light at night, which will make night riding easier, the wind screen is small and it didn't provide any nice protection from the Wind Blast. Suzuki will surely work upon it later. The Fuel tanked is well Chiseled and you will find it very easy to hold and Lock onto it with your Knees. The Fuel Tank Capacity of this Motorcycle is 12 Litres and combined with the Claimed Mileage by Suzuki of More than 30kmpl, we can expect a Decent Tank Range.

Now Talking about the Ergonomics of this Motorcycle, the Motorcycle is High on comfort. Be it the Rider's seat or the Pillion seat, the Comfort is Very Nice. The Riding Position is that of a sports Tourer so this concludes to the Point that the Motorcycle is very Versatile. You can Do commuting, Touring and Occasional Racetrack duties as well on this Motorcycle.

The Motorcycle gets Clip On Handlebars, which makes the riding position Slightly leaned towards the Forward but not so leaned that you will feel comfortable.

The Instrument Cluster is an All digital Unit and will provide you enough Information that you will be needing.The Instrument Cluster is easy to read even in Bright Sunlight.

The Pillion comfort is very Nice, the Grab Rails are Chunky and sturdy to Hold.

The Taillight on this motorcycle is also an LED unit, but the Disappointment that we faced is that Suzuki has given this Motorcycle Halogen Indicators which is kinda sad At this price Point. Even The Rs 200 gets it.

The Motorcycle is Very Nimble, you won't Feel like you are Riding a 250cc Motorcycle and that means that this Motorcycle is totally Beginner Friendly and even if you have never ridden a motorcycle Before you can easily start on this Motorcycle without any Problem.

Now the Cooling system on this Motorcycle is an Oil Cooled System which Suzuki Likes to call it Suzuki Oil Cooling System(SOCS), which shocked us at the First Glance, but when Suzuki Told us that oil cooling is so efficient on this motorcycle that the Engine Head doesn't has any Fins for Cooling. This SOCS system will work as an Liquid Cooled Engine.

And yes we have to Agree that this Cooling System Works Well, even when we Rode it on the Track,the temperature was 42 but still we faced no heating issues What so Ever.

The Dimensions of this Motorcycle are Big, like that of a 600cc Motorcycle and because of the comfortable seating posture, you actually sit on the Motorcycle and not in the Motorcycle.

Suspension Duties are Being Handled By Telescopic Forks Up Front, which are Not expected at this Price Point.

The Tyres are Beefy and Chunky in Size. We Get a 110 section Tyre up front and a 150 section Tyre at Rear which give this motorcycle nice grip on the Road.

As we Rode it on the Racetrack, we got some Sharp Corners and the Gixxer 250 handled it well.

The weight of this Motorcycle is 161 Kgs which is not too much, considering that it is a fully Faired Motorcycle.Also you won't feel the weight of this Motorcycle, it is very Flickable.

The Exhaust of this Motorcycle is totally Phenomenal, it sounds too good and has a Nice feel to it. The Exhaust is Loud and Looks Stubby. The End of the exhaust has a Chrome Finish to it which give it a More premium Feel.

Now looking at the competition, if you spend just 3,000 more you could get the Bajaj Dominar which Is the Most Value For money Motorcycle present in the Indian Motorcycle market right now.

So if you are a Hardcore Tourer kind of person and More than 80 percent of your Ride will be Only touring then the Dominar makes sense and You should Buy it Eyes Closed.

But if you will be Doing City Commutes more, less Touring and Occasional Track days, then you could Buy the Gixxer 250, you won't be Dissapointed.

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