Updated: Aug 19

Hey, everyone, if you all remember 2 months ago, we did a solo podcast that talked about various things such as why I am doing a solo podcast, my plans with the channel, and many other things.

Now, at the time of publishing that podcast, we were on the journey to hitting 800 subscribers and we did hit it eventually, I also told you all that I wanted to hit the 1000 subscriber mark before the 1st anniversary of this channel, and guess what, we actually did hit it! A lot of sharing and organic growth was involved but we did it.

And now, the thing that will change is the interaction between you and me because now we have the community section active on the channel, so we will be able to directly interact with each other, before this, it was a one-way communication and I really didn’t know the kind of content you all wanted, but now that problem is gone.

Talking about community, I said that we will completely shift to discord once we hit 1000 subs on youtube, but I noticed that it won’t be the best decision considering that Discord is not the easiest platform in the world to understand and despite me using it for a few times, it still doesn’t feel very welcoming, so I thought of giving everyone some time so they can understand about this platform, meanwhile we will focus on the channel and grow it as much as possible.

I don’t why but the views have seemed to be going down a bit since July, I am not aware of the reason but I will try my best to look into it and return the channel to the high points just like we did in May and June.

Also, I have good news to share with you, in the upcoming podcasts you will be getting the value that you haven’t got before regarding the automotive industry cause we are going to be having some of the best people from the industry, and these podcasts will be fun just like every other podcast we have done.

Just about 2 weeks ago, I looked at the Motordrift community’s WhatsApp group and I was not happy with the way it was going, the group was very active but in a car group, 95 percent of conversations were starting to become noncar related, so I finally decided to make some rules and as expected some of the folks weren’t very happy with it and those were the ones that were the not so good members of the group, so I ultimately ended up removing them, I received a lot of backlash from them regarding the rules I made, but ultimately it was worth it. Motordrift is my creation, I have put in the work in it and you all know the goals I have with it, I literally want Motordrift to be the largest community for automotive enthusiasts in the world.

On the audio side of things, I have pre-released some future episodes in the form of audio, just as a knowledge gift to the listeners, and the 1st anniversary of our podcast is coming soon as well, I want the podcast to hit 25,000 plays by then, but it seems to be a bit farfetched considering that we are at 22,500+ plays at the time of recording this podcast.

Regarding blogs as I told you all, the site needs to be refreshed cause it’s very laggy and there are changes which I want to do to the UI and the UX of the site, by the time I publish the next solo podcast, we will probably have given the channel and the site a new face, so just stay tuned!

Before the 1st anniversary of the channel, the only thing that was going on in my mind was to hit 1K subs but now that we have done that, I want to focus on the Instagram page as well cause it’s kind of sloppy, I upload daily stories, but I rarely post reels, videos, carousels, IGTVs, and anything and that needs to change, so if you haven’t followed the page yet, the link is below, go check it out and please follow it also tell in the comments the type of content you would like to see on the page.

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