Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular in foreign countries especially in countries like the US. But do you think the same will happen in India?? Does a future for electric cars exist in India?? What do you think? Tell me in the comments down below.

First the backstory: -

In India, the electric revolution has already started. There was an electric car manufacturer named Reva if you might remember, the company made 2-seater electric cars. I Still remember seeing those cute little cars on the roads and they were serious head turners.

A few years later, Mahindra bought the whole Reva company and they started planning on making an electric car of their own, and they did come out with the Mahindra Verito.

I would describe the Verito as a successful attempt, notice carefully I said successful attempt, not a successful product.

The E Verito has an electric motor that produces 41 Bhp and 91 nm of torque. Not a lot, I know that but Verito has a decently good range of 181 Kilometres on its batteries which is more than enough for a daily city commute.

We are not taking acceleration into consideration here because the Verito won’t be able to reach 100 Kmph, it will top out at 86 Kmph which is again more than enough to roam in the city.

The Verito didn’t see any huge sales number in the public, but to promote the electric revolution in India, the car sold in quite huge numbers at the airports and as taxis as well.

Now, that was Mahindra’s attempt, I am sure they would come out with some dope electric car, coz guess what?? They have a freaking Formula E team of their own and they own the Italian Hypercar maker Pininfarina as well.

Now, another Indian Manufacturer Tata made an attempt as well and this time not only the attempt was successful, but the product was successful as well.

The Tata Nexon EV is a masterpiece of Indian engineering. Tata has somehow managed to launch an electric compact SUV In India, which performs better than almost all the cars in that segment.

The Nexon EV with its new electric powertrain goes from 0 to 100 Kmph in less than 10 seconds and has a top speed of more than 120 Kmph, which is really good for highway usage as well.

We will be making a separate detailed video on the Verito and the Nexon EV so don’t worry you are going to get more insight on both of these cars.

So, is there a good future for electric cars in India??

Definitely Yes!!!!! Manufacturers are pushing to the limits to bring out the best in them so all we can do is to Cheer them.

The Affordability factor of electric cars is also being worked upon so affordability won’t be an issue in about a few years.

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