Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Ford Mustang, the Original Murican SportsCar. A Car that has now become a legend and is in the car market for decades was made as a 2 seater concept sports car in 1962, which evolved into a 4 seater sports car in 1963. To date, it has grown so much popular in the American culture that you aren't an American if you don't own a Mustang. It Comes in Various Variants but the most powerful variant is the 5.0 Litre V8 engine that produces 395Bhp of Power and 515Nm of Torque. It comes with a 6 Speed Automatic. It's a Rear Wheel Drive Car and comes with Paddle Shifters. It has a Kerb Weight of 1770 Kg. 0 to 60Mph takes about 5.2 seconds. Braking is very good and has a good initial Bite. Has a Top Speed of Around 257 Km/h. It has a Seating Capacity of 4, but I Don't like rear seats on the mustang as it is a 2 Door Muscle Sportscar and was designed for a seating capacity of 2. At 383 Litre the Boot space is quite large and at 61 Litres of fuel tank capacity. You can expect to get a Decent range on a Full Tank. Plus at 137Mm of Ground Clearance, it can easily handle the Speed Bumps. On the Interior Front, it feels quite Luxurious and Premium. The Interior is so well done that it imparts a positive Feeling and it comes with an Inbuilt Lap Timer, 4-way Adjustable Track Applications, and various Driving Modes, the steering Mounded Controls works Quite well. Also, you get seat Cooling in the Front. There is Leather Finish Everywhere and the Instrument Cluster is Fully Feature Loaded. The Hid Lamps provide a Good throw of Light and The LED Drl's and to the Modern and Aggressive Look of the car. Also, you Get Turn Indicators on the Outside Rear View Mirrors. The Seating is Quite Comfortable and the Infotainment system Works Fluidly Without Any Lag. The 9 Speaker Audio System Sounds Great. Well on the Safety side you do get, knee Airbags, Isofix Child Seat Mounts and Day/Night Rear View Mirror and there is Abs, Electronic Braking and Brake Assist. Now it's time to tell you the coolest feature in this car and that is the rear differential lock which helps you in doing a Burnout and Smell of the Rubber Burning is So Satisfying. Well, Here is My Review of the Ford Mustang. Hope you liked it.

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