Hey you, remember the time when a Ferrari official said Ferrari would never resort to electrifying their cars, and now here we are with a new Ferrari, a hybrid Ferrari that generates more power than the LaFerrari While still costing less than a Brand New Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. Well, it means Ferrari forgot too soon what they about their plans but never mind, the car itself seems to be a very promising piece of engineering indeed, let’s discuss the first impressions of the SF 90 Stradale


I don’t know if you felt the same way but when I saw this car for the first time, I thought it was a road-going version of the Ferrari p80 C. The front of the car looks like a hybrid version of the p80 C and the 488. The S duct that we first saw on the 488 and then the F8 Tributo has made its way to the sf90 Stradale too. Towards the rear, the same shape has been derived from the 488 with those large side air intakes. I am not particularly a big fan of the rear lights because they look kind off muted for a Ferrari, the exhaust placement too looks a bit disarranged. As you know, Ferrari believes in removing the material from the car to make it more aerodynamic and not just stick some big spoilers to do the same job that’s a very commendable thought on the engineering of the car. The Aggressive stance and all the things that this car does make it a proper Hypercar at the price of a Supercar. It’s a bit of a bargain I would say. The sf90 doesn’t have a retractable rear wing system, the wing is fixed but it does have some flaps that generate a significant amount of downforce to hold the car while you are doing some hard cornering.

Engine and performance:-

The engine that sits inside this beast is a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 that’s been coupled with 3 electric, yes not 1 or 2 but 3, one sits on the transmission and the other two are placed at both the front wheels, combined output is a 1000 PS or 986 Bhp to be precise and 590 Pound ft. of torque, and that’s the reason why you accelerate from 0 to 62 Mph in the same time as a Bugatti Chiron, 0 to 200Kmph takes just 6.7 seconds same as the McLaren Elva and a not so impressive top speed at 340 Kmph. It just a matter of time before Ferrari lets Auto journalists drive the Sf90 Stradale and then we can get a whole picture of this first of its kind Ferrari drives. These numbers look very promising and considering the weight of the sf90 which sits at 1650 kgs, it would be interesting to know how the car feels during cornering and will be it be able to hide its weight.

The exhaust, though very loud as the standard doesn’t give you any Goosebumps, which isn’t what I expect from a Ferrari, but as we are moving towards electrification it’s obvious that exhaust sounds are going to get worse and worse, we can’t do anything about it as of now, but we can surely find ways to make them sound good.


Ferrari went all-in with the sf90, a newly updated interior was being expected from Ferrari for a very long time and now it’s here in the sf90, they aren’t 300 buttons now, they all have fitted into the digital instrument cluster that sits in the front of the driver. The gear selector is my favorite part of the whole interior, Ferrari has made it to look like a Mini open gated Manual gearbox, I have got only one thing to say to Ferrari on this……..” Boy, at least you tried”. The leg area at the driver’s side is 15mm higher than any road-going Ferrari and you are seated at a little inclination thus giving you that race car driving feel. The Manettino switch has gotten even more interesting, it has four modes, E drive allows you to do 15 miles on electric drive, and then the sf90 becomes a Front-wheel drive Ferrari, I wonder what Sir Enzo Ferrari would have to say about this in heaven. The next is a hybrid mode that turns the engine and the batteries on and off to achieve maximum efficiency from the engine. Performance mode makes sure that the engine stays on but the battery doesn’t get used beyond a certain level. Lastly, we have the qualifying mode, which is your go all into it Mode, if you want to do the fastest lap ever than you choose this mode, don’t care about the batteries or anything just go all in. One interesting fact, the sf90 Stradale lapped the Fiorano circuit in just 1 min 19 seconds, that’s the fastest lap ever by a road-going Ferrari.


The sf90 Stradale is one of the cars that have astonished me beyond insanity, I couldn’t process all the things, this car at 400,000 Grand that’s the same price you pay for a brand new Aventador. I can’t wait to get my hands on this wonderful machine if I got a chance with this car.

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