Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Hey did you notice one thing, it 2019 it was raining supercars, especially from the side of the Ferrari. Over the course of the year, we have witnessed the launch of the Ferrari F8 Tributo, coupe, and Spyder. We witnessed the launch of the convertible version of the 812 Superfast, that is the 812 GTS which is also a very interesting car, about which we will discuss in the future, and then we witnessed the daddy of all the SF 90 Stradale, the first-ever car that has performance levels of a Hypercar but the price of a Supercar, and when we thought that Ferrari was done launching supercars for this year, we witnessed yet another car, the Ferrari Roma, a proper GT car from Ferrari. The Portofino still remains the most affordable Ferrari in the line-up, but the Roma has been aimed at targeting the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, the McLaren GT, the probably the 911 Turbo S. This has brought along the most attention out of all the Ferraris that have been launched in 2019, let’s find out if the hype behind this new Ferrari is real and relevant or is it just another way of Ferrari to extract money from the riches. Design:- Starting from the most controversial part of all, the design of the Roma. When the Roma was launched and was unveiled by Ferrari, enthusiasts were Dazzled, they were like “Is that an Aston Martin?” and I won’t blame them even I found it hard to digest when I first looked at it. Every Ferrari after the 458 with a V8 has been designed to the most aggressive car on the road, I should say that Ferrari was going towards designing just like Lamborghini, but Ferrari realized it on time and they came back to designing their new car with a minimalistic approach. The Roma as you may notice, isn’t an aggressive car, sure it has the stance of a Supercar but it isn’t trying to devour you. It looks simple, beautiful, and elegant, it looks like the perfect Ferrari you would gift your wife if you have the money. One thing that’s particularly good about the design is that this design is really versatile. This design will suit on an IC engine car, as with Roma, it would suit on an electric car and if someone decided to launch the Roma as a hydrogen fuel cell car, the design would still adapt to it, that’s how the Roma has been designed, it’s been designed to be timeless, it’s a car that Ferrari wants to stay relevant with its design even after 50 years. The headlights and the taillights have been evolved from the previous Gen Ferrari certainly, the rear has been accentuated through the quad rear exhausts. The Roma as it might look from the outside isn’t a 2 seater, it’s a +2 as Ferrari calls it, because the seats in the back are I don’t know for what, certainly not for a human. The Silhouette of the car is of a proper GT car and I think Ferrari has absolutely nailed it with those smooth flowing lines from the front to the back. Now let’s talk about what’s under the hood. Engine & Performance:- Ferrari has put a 3.9 Litre twin-turbocharged V8 inside the hood, the car being Front engined is the reason why the hood is so long. Transmission is an 8-speed dual-clutch which as expected should shift butter smooth. Power is healthy at 611 Horsepower, just 1 shy of the McLaren GT. It has 20 more horsepower than the Portofino and unlike the Portofino, it isn’t a convertible so it weighs significantly lighter than the Portofino. 0 to 60 has been claimed at just 3.4 seconds and it will reach 200 Kmph in just 9.3 seconds which in the real world is more than enough, top speed isn’t too shabby either at over 198 Miles per hour. Since Ferrari hasn’t let enough reviewers review the Roma, there isn’t a good one on the internet. The wheelbase is the same as on the Portofino at 105.1 inches so we can easily assume that the Roma will be agile. It certainly won’t be as agile as the Portofino as it’s a GT car but it will be a great Grand tourer assuming from the past history of Ferrari with front-engined GTs. Let’s have a look at the interior. Interior:- The first time, I thought that Ferrari would have essentially lifted the interior from the Portofino and put it in the Roma, but no that’s not the case. The interior in the Roma is brand new, the interior has been divided into two parts, a section for the driver and a section for the passenger. The large raised screen in the middle looks like it has been inspired by McLaren. The steering wheel and the Open gated manual look-alike transmission has been taken from the SF 90 Stradale, the digital instrument cluster behind the Steering wheel is the largest I have ever seen on a Ferrari, seat placement is good, the view from inside the car is really nice, you sit higher than the standard Ferraris like the 488. Sue of premium material enhances the quality and the price of the Roma quite a bit. Talking about price, there has been no price confirmation from Ferrari, but I think that it would still be priced closely to the Portofino, but a bit higher. Only time will tell, how expensive the Roma will be. Conclusion:- The Roma looks like a great car, has the engine to back it up, certainly has got a nicer interior from the previous Ferraris and on paper looks very promising. But it’s the market which will decide if the Roma is a Masterpiece or not, in my opinion, it is, I just want Ferrari to design the Car with their own authentic designs not with an Aston Martin approach. That’s it for this time, if you liked it then share and subscribe to Motordrift and stay tuned for future updates. Thank you Ciao

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