Ferrari has said a lot of statements in the past, one of those statements was that they would never resort to making electric or Hybrid cars but when they saw the kind of profits, they could get by making such vehicles, they changed their decision and made the SF90 Stradale.

Once they also said that they would never make SUVs but from the photos sent in by some anonymous birdies, and from being spotted testing their car numerous times, it’s been finally been revealed that Ferrari is making an SUV.

They tried to hide it really hard by putting in a Maserati outer body and covering it in full camouflage shell but nothing escapes our eagle eyes, we instantly knew it was there was a new Ferrari in the works.

Also, as far as we can see from the photos, it doesn’t seem to be your typical type of SUV, cause first of all its ground clearance is really low, one that would rather suit on a Crossover or a Grand tourer.

Another thing to notice is that they are testing it in a Maserati bodyshell, I wonder why? The reason I think is that they don’t want to reveal the design of the car yet.

If you remember the testing of the C8 Corvette, chevy tested the car disguised as a Holden UTE and nobody had an idea that the C8 Corvette was being tested, but chevy successfully managed to hide the design of the car from the world just by applying some mind.

From the sound of the car, it feels like this upcoming Ferrari SUV might have a V8 or a twin-turbo v6 with electric motors, either is fine as long as it sounds good, I don’t have a problem and I trust Ferrari would be able to make it sound good this time and not ruin it as they did with the F8 tributo.

The name that’s going around is the Purosangue, now the meaning of the name is thoroughbred, not something deep or philosophical as we thought it to be, but who cares about the name as long as the car is good to drive and sounds good.

Now as is the case with every big manufacturer these days, Ferrari wants to make a lot of profit, not just the normal profit they are used to making on their “normal” Supercars, thus they also decided to jump on this SUV hype train which has no plans of stopping, for now, the craze for these exotic suvs is only going to go crazier.

If we just take the example of the Lamborghini Urus, Lamborghini sold more units of the urus within 3 years of its launches than they have sold Aventadors over the last decade, over 11,000 uruses are roaring around the world and a couple more hundreds of uruses will be on the road while we are talking about it.

I can’t say for sure that Ferrari will overtake Lamborghini with its new crossover, but they are for sure going to make more profits than they ever have on just one of their car models.

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