Enzo Ferrari is no less than a god in the world of Automotive. He created Ferrari which is one of the best Italian manufacturers to date. He had a significant role in the creation of Lamborghini as the world knows, if Ferrucio Lamborghini wasn’t insulted by Enzo Ferrari, Lamborghini would have never come into existence. He had a significant role in the creation of Alfa Romeo, he bought the best out of Italian Cars, at the time when the world was dominated by German Automobiles and Affordable American Model T’s he stunned the world with the beauty and elegance of Italian Engineering. He showed the world that cars can be beautiful as well, he bought the glory out of the V12 engine. He might be a bad guy in eyes of few people but his contribution to the world of Automotive is unmatched, cars which were approved by him were some of the best automotive creations the world has ever experienced. And the car we are going to be talking about today might be one of the best Ferrari’s of all time. It's the Ferrari F40 in discussion this time, the very last car that was approved by Enzo Ferrari himself. Though it hasn’t got an Italian V12 under its skin, it’s still a marvelous piece of Machinery. It has a relatively small 2.9 Litre V8 engine that has got twin turbos over it. In total the Engine makes 471 horsepower and a healthy 426 Pound Ft. of torque. The F40 was the world’s fastest car when it was launched, it had an acceleration figure of just 3.9 seconds to reach 60mph and it was the first car in the world to break the holy 200Mph barrier, to give in some context 200mph is around 323 Kmph, and with a high horsepower engine anyone can achieve that, but can they make the car do 200mph in an under 500horsepower car? Probably not and that’s what I call my friends “Engineering”. The F40 does a quarter-mile in just 11.8 seconds, which isn’t slow in any terms. Even though it doesn’t have a V12 that didn’t stop the F40 engineers to make it sound heavenly. It sounds like nothing else on the road, it doesn’t matter if you are going at 20mph through the driveway or straight up 200mph insanity, it sounds like it wants to command its presence over the road. The F40 clearly demands some respect on the road. One of the things that I love about the 80's and ’90s are the headlights that cars used to have on them. The F40 happens to have them too, they are POP-UP-UP-AND-DOWN headlights, they look so cool, and I just can’t get enough of them. Even though the F40 sounds angry, it doesn’t look angry at all, it looks like a fine Italian woman waiting for you to admire its beauty, and it comes as no surprise since the car has been designed by Pininfarina and Pininfarina certainly knows how to design cars that make the world go bonkers. There is an interesting story with the F40, it was only made to be a left-hand drive car, but the prince of Brunei wanted seven F40s as right-hand drives, not one or two but seven and since the order was big, profit was huge and the cars were ordered by the Prince himself, so Ferrari couldn’t deny it and told Pininfarina to make seven right-hand drive F40’s, recently two F40’s were auctioned by the officials in Brunei and each of them had under 7000 miles so they got sold for a whopping 2 million pounds. The F40 was created to embark on the 40th anniversary of Ferrari in making road cars. The technological advancements in the car were from all around the world, the NACA duct aerodynamic technology in the hood of the F40 is the best of German technology, the IHI turbos is the best in the market and they are from Japan, so the F40 displayed what can be the result of Cumulative support and cooperation from around the world. Opening the rear Cowl of the F40, you see the magnificent engine and then you see the wide 335 rear tires of the car and you realize the massive footprint that this car leaves on the road. The sound deadening in the car is quite less and thus no matter whether you are inside or outside the car, that engine will keep roaring behind you and true car enthusiasts love that. The F40 wasn’t intended to be the most luxurious car for its time, it was the result of shutting down of group B racing, due to which Ferrari couldn’t race their 288 GTO, the Brilliant mind of Enzo Ferrari thought of making a race car for the road which was derived from the 288 GTO. It was as basic as it can get. A powerful engine in a light car that was fast in the straight line but fun to drive into the corners as well. Originally planned to be built in just 450 units, the Ferrari F40 was so much in demand that they ended up making over 1300 of them. After, a few months Enzo Ferrari passed away and gave the world his best creation ever in the form of the F40. The F40 keeps us reminding the brilliance of this man, who revolutionized the automotive world with his passion for building and racing cars. We can’t thank him enough for his great contribution but the Legacy of Enzo Ferrari lives on to this day, in the form of his ultimate creation the F40. That’s it from my side guys Thank you Ciao

Photo by Danilo Capece on Unsplash

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