This time we are going to leave the British land and we are heading to Italy, this time it’s Ferrari. The Ferrari F12 TDF to be precise. The car that helped Ferrari Gain new heights, the car that put Ferrari on the Pedestal. Coming straight from Maranello, the Ferrari F12 TDF has been one of the greatest cars ever to come out of Ferrari. The F12 happens to be one of the very few cars that scared Jeremy Clarkson, and he commented that “This car has too much power”, this should give us all a context of how scary the F12 is, and the F12 TDF happens to be the wildest form of the F12 with even more power. 770 Pure Italian Bred horses going through the rear wheels is surely a scary experience. When you combine it with 704Nm of torque and an engine that redlines to 8,900Rpm, you start to understand, why everyone tells you to drive the F12 TDF with “caution”. There are very few cars out there that demand the driver to focus on the car, cars which demand skillful drivers. The name TDF comes from the iconic 10-day long race that happened across France in the 20th century called the Tour De France. The F12 TDF is a front-engine GT car, that’s meant for touring as well. The versatility of the F12 TDF is unmatched, it has enough Boot space for a long road trip for 2 people and is agile enough to be enjoyed around tracks all day long. Since the car is a front-engine and most of the weight lies in the front, Ferrari Equipped the TDF with 275 front section tires, that’s a lot of rubber for the front tires in any car. As the front attacks the road with such ferocity, Ferrari ended up developing rear-wheel steer for it and what that does it, that it counteracts the extra momentum generated from the front and helps the car in preventing any understeer. Even though the F12 TDF has a lot of crazy aerodynamics going all around it, it hasn’t exactly robbed the F12 TDF of its beauty, the F12 TDF looks scintillating. When you pull over and take a glance over the car, it takes some time to digest the beauty of this wonderful machine. The Aerodynamic Bridge which forms either side of the car is an engineering feat on its own. The flaps in the diffuser, of the Car which vary according to the different modes the car drives in. The F1 inspired Brake light. The rubber pads on the door triangles which aid the car are getting more downforce over it. The front splitter which is cleverly designed to cool the engine and make the car look more aggressive and meaner. All of the things together build up the character of the car, they build what the car is and the noise that engine makes is pure music to the ears, it might even turn on someone, to be honest, it’s that good. It doesn’t matter if you are outside the car or you are sitting inside and driving it, you will hear the symphony of that V12. One problem with the F12 was that it didn’t sound that good in the lower revs, you had to push the car to the ultimate level to listen to the noise that engine makes, that’s not the case with the TDF, it growls lower down and it sounds even more pleasant in the higher revs. The driving position is spot on, you have got comfortable Italian luxury all around you. The Manettino switch guides you from going insane to straight opening the gates of heaven for you (I mean it). When launching the TDF, brace yourself tight as the 770 horses travel straight from the rear wheels to your neck and that might give you a tight flinch in your neck ;) it goes from 0 to hell in 2.9 seconds that’s 100kmph and has a top speed of 34kmph as Ferrari claims. I have never in my life saw a car that burns rubber as fast as this car, the F12 TDF can do burnouts all day long, and it’s never a problem for the car.

In cars particularly like the F12 TDF, you don’t care what “miles per gallon” the car is returning, you only care about one thing and that’s “Smiles per Gallon”, I never have been happier in driving any car than the F12. The person who drives this car makes memories that can’t be experienced in any other car. At the moment all I can say is that the person who drives the F12 is never remains the same person again. The F12 TDF might be one of the greatest modern Ferrari’s ever made.

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Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

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