Ferrari is yet another Italian supercar Brand that makes some of the fastest and most technologically advanced supercars on the planet. Their arch Rivalry with Lamborghini is one of the hot topics of discussion among Car enthusiasts. Also, both the Brands have a large, loyal community and they enjoy a huge fan following around the globe. So now let’s get into some of the backstories, In 2009 Ferrari launched a new supercar, they called it the 458 Italia, the car designed by Pininfarina instantly became the new supercar sensation. It has looks to die for and why wouldn’t it have? It was inspired by the legendary Ferrari F40. The Triple exhaust Layout in the back was a direct design element that was inspired by the F40. Now as we all know, Ferrari always likes to launch a more stripped-down, more powerful version of their cars. The 458 Speciale happens to be the more Hard-core Version of the 458 Italia. It weighs around 90kgs less than the standard 458. Power is up from the standard 562 bhp to 596 bhp. And the design elements of the car have been tweaked slightly. The Most prominent design change can be seen at the rear of the car, the New Dual exhaust design provides a larger diffuser area, thus contributing to making the car faster. The reason why the 458 is so special is that Ferrari had a Goal of making a Racecar for the Road and they were quite serious about it, so serious that they called in Michael Schumacher during the design phase of the car. The man who won countless races for Ferrari at the F1 circuit. This is why the 458 has such a stripped-out interior design. When coming to the point of technology that has gone into the making of this car, there is nothing quite like it. The Steering Wheel features a Shift Light that indicates the driver when to Upshift or downshift, also the driver can use the Manettino switch to choose between different driving modes like sport, Race and wet, moreover, if someone wants to get into trouble then just turn the switch to the extreme right and the car will deactivate the Traction control. Good luck to you, handling the car without traction control. The Car feels much sharper than the standard 458. The Car has more relatively better throttle response. The 4.5 Litre N.A. V8 sounds Godly. To add to the driving experience of the car, the car also comes with a Sideslip Angle control system which helps the electronically limited-slip differential to maintain the balance of the car and also helps in reducing the intervention of Traction Control during Hard Cornering. The engine revs up to 9,000 Rpm. That’s Ridiculous from a modern era supercar perspective. The Car is better than the standard 458, No Doubt about it. With all the extra power, active Aero and much more engaging driving experience the Speciale just takes it to a whole new different level. I also love the fact that how much driver-focused this Car is, it has been made clear by the engineers and the designers to keep the driver’s attention on the road and to give the driver a race car experience, as close as it can get. Driving this car makes you kind of emotional because this is the last naturally aspirated V8 Ferrari. This hits you in the heart. All I have for this car is love and nothing else. And I can confidently say that the Ferrari 458 Speciale is capable enough to join the Pantheon of the greatest driver-focused track cars of the 21st century

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