Loud, screaming, rumbling sounds are typical kinds of sounds you would expect from a performance machine like supercars but lately have you been noticing what has started happening in the car world?? I don’t know about you but I certainly have noticed, cars are sounding worse and worse as each day goes by and it has been happening since the day an atom bomb was dropped in the car world, the day was September 1st, 2017 when the Euro 6 compliance came into play.

The Euro 6 compliance requires cars to be a quitter and want them to eject less carbon residue, so what they have dome is that they have made it mandatory for each and every car to have PPF which stands for petrol particulate filter, which does is that basically captures most of the residue from the exhaust in the car but along with that it also captures that beautiful sound of the car, now don’t get me wrong, I love mother nature and I too agree that the world deserves a cleaner air but in this process of cleaning the air, something would have to be sacrificed and unfortunately for us car guys it is the sound of our cars.

I know what you might be thinking “Just get an aftermarket exhaust bro, everything will be fine” but that isn’t the case because it is now illegal to modify your exhaust, moreover if your exhaust is anywhere above 74 Decibels which will be pretty evident if you wake up the whole neighborhood with your car then you might get into trouble with the Police.

As it’s said “Exceptions are everywhere” here is too, Lamborghini somehow managed to get out of this PPF rule so the Lamborghinis still retain their music. Jaguar has somehow cleverly managed to make their car sound good, even after integrating PPF into their exhausts.

Ferrari on the other hand has increased the exhaust inside the cabin by over 5 decibels so the driver doesn’t have to feel bad about the bad exhaust he has on his car. The latest production model from Ferrari like the F8 Tributo sounds horrible, really bad, the 812 GTS has a PPF too, but it’s still far from sounding bad.

Well, this is the era where we are going to experience cars become quieter and quieter, I know this hurts, I can feel the pain of all my Petrolhead Brothers out there but it is what it is, a sacrifice to save the earth.

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