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Recently I read that Ford is going to make their iconic Mustang Line-up fully electric from 2028 onwards. There won't be even an option of a gas-Powered Mustang. 7 years isn't a very long period of time if we see it realistically, just imagine for once how would it feel,

When the car that started the Muscle Car Category loses its soul and becomes electric. I won't be very happy with it, that's for sure, the thing to look out for as of now is whether Chevy and Dodge will also consider electrification of their Halo Muscle Cars. They should have given

More consideration to Hybrids according to me but never mind.

After all, "Companies are here to do business, they aren't here for Charity" So Companies are going to follow the Strategy which benefits them the most, and if turning the Mustang into an electric sports Car brings Ford, Money, and Profits so be it.

The electrification of Cars is going too fast according to me, this direct transitioning of companies from IC’s to EV’s without considering hybrids won’t be good for the company in the long run as customers are not accustomed to driving electric cars and it would easier for them to drive a hybrid, especially in the Indian market.

Even Lotus has now shut down the Production of their Iconic Sports Cars Line-up consisting of the Elise, the Evora, and the Exige, but they have planned to make one last IC sports Car which will be relatively affordable and after it, they are going to, go all-in with EVs.

They went Hard with their First Hypercar, the Evija, now they are going to go hard on their Sports Cars which gave them the respect and the recognition they have today in the Car World.

So, let's see how the future of Sports Cars goes, Hoping for the Best!!

We, Will, be making a Separate episode on the car that Lotus is Planning to pay homage for their long going legacy with IC Cars

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