Hey you, remember we discussed the Audi RS Q8 a few days ago, I mentioned about the Urus being an overpriced version of the RS Q8 and you agreed to me, you even sent me an email in which you described that you fully agreed to me. So this time we are going to Italy again to test yet another Italian Bull to its limits it’s essentially an overpriced Audi, Lambo fanboys sorry if you got hurt but this is the truth. The Lamborghini Urus has been termed as the World's first Super SUV, Super SUV? You may ask is an SUV with supercar levels of performance while still maintaining the characteristics of an SUV, in that sense it is surely a Super SUV, but now the market is filled up with Super SUVs, you can go as low as 87,000 Dollars and buy a base Jeep Trackhawk that’s not more powerful than the Urus, it’s an SUV that keeps up with the Urus despite costing a fraction of its price. So let’s dive into the review. Shall we?


Lamborghini’s design theme goes like this…..” Design the wildest looking thing on the road” and they surely follow it very faithfully, with the Aventador and the Huracan they have proved it but with the Urus they have taken the wilderness on to a whole new level, Lamborghinis have never been about beauty, especially in the modern era after the Gallardo, they have always been about aggression. The Urus is no different either, with angles and shapes so aggressive it may even seem a sharp knife looks blunt. The silhouette is that of a Proper SUV but the Urus can accelerate from 0 to 60 Mph at the same time as it would take the Mercedes AMG GT R to launch. The muscular stance, the aggressive looks, and those wide tires do make it look like a Beefy Italian bull. It used to be a joke to discuss aerodynamics on SUVs a few years ago but now it’s for real. The Front splitter helps the massive engine in the front of the Urus to cool down. The rear diffuser serves its purpose as well of letting more air pass through underneath the car and thus minimizing drag, the quad exhausts pipe in the rear look sick when it finished in black. There are quite a few wheel designs to choose from excluding the aftermarket, the standard ones do the job pretty well but I won’t mind upgrading to the expensive ones.

Engine & Performance:-

I had never thought that Lamborghini would resort to building an engine with forced induction but here we are with the Urus with a Twin-turbo 4.0 Litre V8 that produces 641 horsepower and 850 Nm of torque that helps it to accelerate from 0 to 62 Mph in just 3.6 seconds and go on to achieve a top speed of 190 Mph, pretty impressive for an SUV. The people who say this is not a real Lamborghini should cut some slack and accept this SUV for what it does. Even though the Urus is seriously overpriced, the thing that still keeps up the sales is the Lamborghini badge and the fact that this is Lamborghini’s first performance SUV. The best part about the Urus is the way it handles, the handling is superb, it picks up well and can do some pretty good off-road stuff too, it’s a very versatile car put all together. The only competitor which competes with the Urus is the Aston Martin DBX, it’s an elegant performance SUV and surely gives the Urus a tough competition but in terms of performance, it’s the Urus that outshines the DBX. Lamborghini makes some of the best sounding cars on the planet, no doubt but with the Urus I don’t think Lamborghini has done a very good job, even though the Exhaust has a nice grunt to it, it doesn’t sound even close to the best Twin-turbo V8 cars in the market.


The Interior is unlike any Lamborghini you can buy today. It’s not completely stripped out, it’s not harsh, and it’s exactly the other way around. A nice and comfortable interior is the thing that the Urus offers you. There is leather all round, you can either spec your Urus in 4 seater layout or a 5 seater layout, choice is yours, with the extra boot space you can also carry a significant amount of cargo with you. The steering wheel is the same as you will find on other Lamborghini’s the difference is that the Urus rides much more comfortably than any road-going Lamborghini today, you can spec the interior with more carbon fiber as well if you have the money.


The Urus is a very desirable car, but when you look at the price the desire goes away. But for the people who buy this car, money is not a problem, they just want to show off their Lambo, but if you are a person who always looks for value for money deals than I just have the car for us, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is the Bang for buck super SUV in the market, if you want to know more about it, check the review, it’s already there, if you like to see more, Subscribe!!!!!!!!!!!

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