You know that I and you have discussed cars that have insane performance and can carry your family along as well. Everything from Super saloons to Super SUVs. But today we are going to take things to an even more extreme level. Today the car in discussion is the most powerful Super Saloon in the world, you might already know the answer but if you don’t then I have a hint, it’s from the same company that has made one of the best track cars in the world or should I say the best car America has ever made. Also, imagine yourself driving at speeds upwards of 200 mph with your family chilling in the back, sounds crazy right?

That crazy thing is now a reality, Dodge has made the world’s most powerful Family Sedan and it’s not just powerful on paper, in the real world the car can do speeds upwards of 200 mph. Most Super saloons can do 300 Kmph but 200 Mph is a range that no super-saloon has achieved let alone super SUV.

Without any further ado, let’s start the review.

Design: -

Starting from the front. The front end has vents, more vents ….. and some vents. I counted over 6 vents in just the first glance. Now the reason for so many vents is to cool the massive engine under the hood. The best thing about this car and Dodge is that they put fake vents on their car. The Vents don’t look overdone, they seem to be just fine and give the car a mean and aggressive front end.

Going sideways, from the vents for cooling the brakes to the accentuated wheel arches. Dodge’s Design philosophy of blending in muscle car elements in a family sedan is commendable, just those wheel arches take the appearance of this car to other powerful sedans.

Then of course there is the Hellcat logo, which screams not only performance but the fact that if Devil made a family sedan, it would probably be the Dodge Charger Hellcat widebody. The hood scoop has been perfectly integrated into the hood of the car, it doesn’t hinder the visibility, nor it is muted, it’s just perfect.

In the backend, there isn’t a spoiler popping out, but Dodge has perfectly integrated one on to boot the lid of the charger. Also, I love the design queue where the Taillights have been continued from one end to another, it just looks so good.

Engine & Performance: -

The thing that makes the charger the beast from the Hell is its engine. It has a 6.2-liter Supercharged Hellcat engine that puts out 707 Horsepower and 650 Pound ft. of torque. These numbers on the Charger just seem so perfect.

This engine is the reason why the Charger is also one of the fastest accelerating saloon cars in the world, 0 to 60 Mph in just 3.8 seconds, and can do a quarter-mile in under 12 seconds, these numbers aren’t family car numbers, these numbers belong to the Supercar territory.

Also, the while from the Supercharger, there are some things which you can’t just ignore, you must appreciate them, the Supercharger whine from the Charger happens to be that thing.

The Charger is very sketchy to drive, what I mean by that is, that the car can literally scare the Bats out of you if you drive it without traction control or give too much gas. The Charger is an RWD car, which means that all the 707 Horses are delivered through the rear wheels, which means that the Charger can get sometimes out of hand.

That’s why without precision driving the Charger can be a deadly machine, it wants to drift all day long, it’s not on the same page as the Mustang but it’s close.

Even from the outside, the Charger sounds incredible, music to the ears to say the least but it might be a bit annoying for your neighbors if they aren’t into cars.

Interior: -

Now, the charger of course isn’t a Challenger or a Demon, it’s a proper 4-seater family sedan, so don’t judge the backseats on the Charger.

When you sit in the car, the first thing that appears before your eyes is the steering wheel with the SRT logo in the middle, that feeling is surreal.

On the steering wheels, you have controls for controlling various functions on the Instrument cluster. The Gauges and the display on the instrument cluster are perfect, why because it’s perfectly readable and it looks so cool with the lights on.

You get an automatic transmission in the Charger but if you drive it in Manual mode which I suppose most people will because it's fun shifting gears on a Supercharged car and especially if it’s a Hellcat.

But the pedal on the Charger could have been full size, they are half in size and do the shifting perfectly but the feeling of shifting on full-size pedals is different. You have also got radio controls behind the Steering wheel which is ergonomically good.

The infotainment system is good, yes it might lag sometimes but it has a lot of functions inside it so overall there are a lot of options to configure.

The back seats are nice and comfortable but if you are too tall, your head might touch the glass roof which might not be the most convenient thing.

Conclusion: -

The Charger is a car that’s going to rule everywhere. It’s fast, it looks cool, it’s practical, it can perform track duties, it can even act as a Grand Tourer, and the best of all it can be a pretty good drifter.

That’s it for this time, I trust you liked it. If you liked it, then do share it with your friends and do consider subscribing to Motordrift for more such posts in the future.

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