If we talk about the automotive world, the one thing that’s been the hot topic for a few years is electric cars, they were already being given consideration when the world started experiencing the rise in gas prices and as a result, started looking for alternative options and tesla just accelerated the process by probably a thousand times with the launch of the SEXY Line-up.

Similarly, in the world of finance, the hot topic currently going on is regarding crypto, it’s been a thing that has existed for about a decade now but recently started getting some serious traction as well.

Now imagine what will happen when you combine these two things, just for a second try giving it a thought, an electric car, and cryptocurrency collaboration, how does it sound? Cool or weird? Or you may even feel like this doesn’t make any sense and I would have said the same thing until….

I came across daymark spiritus, you might have heard it for the first time, I have too.

Again imagine, how would you feel when your car is parked and it automatically mines crypto for you everything from bitcoin to doge, no need for you to personally invest your time and do the mining, sounds too good to be true?

Well, now it’s not just a thing of fantasy of dreams, it’s a thing of reality.

Now, let me tell you the story from the starting, daymak inc. is a company that’s very well known for making personal light electric vehicles (LEVs) and they have been quite successful so far with their cars, but now they decided to take the thing to another level and that’s where they started to work upon their upcoming electric car the spiritus, which is probably going to be revolutionizing the industry.

So daymak while working on their electric car has also been working on a new technology that is Daymak Nebula, their patent-pending comprehensive cryptocurrency infrastructure which they plan on integrating with the spiritus.

The spiritus which is going to be launched around 2023 is going to be a part of the avvenire line-up of Daymak which is going to have vehicles ranging from electric bikes all the way up to flying vehicles.

To promote the car and to make it more interesting for crypto buyers and enthusiasts, they have enabled the pre-booking to be taken through various kinds of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum, doge, etc making them one of the first manufacturers of their kind to do so.

The company says that every spiritus vehicle is going to be a node on the blockchain and will include daymak nebula miner and nebula wallet.

Taking in mind all the pollution and energy consumption related to mining, the company has equipped their cars with solar panels thus helping their cars to be eco-friendly.

The company’s ultimate goal is to get to a stage where you can pay all your parking fees, toll charges through crypto and never worry about having to give cash or card again, your online bills and banking could be handles by crypto as well, that’s the stage t where they wanna get.

One of the best things about this company and the car is that there is no other company at the moment that’s doing this, there are manufacturers like tesla who have started accepting payments through bitcoin but daymak went to another level when they started to give their customers the option to mind crypto while their car is parked, it might be the very first time, that when you drive the car off the showroom, you don’t lose money, you actually make money! How cool is that?

And if no other company decides to take similar actions like daymak did on crypto then daymak might get the advantage of being the first mover and become a monopoly, this is also a sign to all the current manufacturers out there to start evolving fast or they will get left behind.

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