We have discussed the new Corvette C8 and Chevy’s Halo car, the Daddy of all Corvettes, the ZR1, but in the middle of these two cars sits another car that strikes a perfect balance between both these cars, the car that people like me would like to buy rather than spending money on either of the ZR1 or the C8, it’s the Z06 Corvette, my favorite modern-day Corvette.

The Corvette Z06 is what I would like to call is the “Supercar of Masses”, why is that so? Because of the Value for money proposition that this car provides, the Performance, looks, the price everything is so perfectly done that I can’t see why a person who wants to buy their first big performance car won’t consider the Z06. The best thing of all? This car is available with a 7 speed Manual Transmission. The automatic transmission on this car sucks and that’s a good thing as it will promote the sales of the Manual Z06 which would ultimately mean that the drivers would need to learn how to drive a manual. The engine in the front is what makes this car so special, it’s an engine that has been derived from the racing division of Chevy, a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine with more power than a Huracan Performante. It has 650 horsepower and 650 Pound ft. of torque, which is around 881 Nm of torque. You can have all this for around 85 Grand before you spec it and start adding more expensive options. For people that say supercars can’t be practical, the Z06 is a punch in the face for them, with enough space in the back for a weekend vacation with your partner, and the sound it makes is unlike any other car on the road, you won’t hear the supercharger whine as the engine itself is so loud, the quad exhaust in the back has a deep rumble in them. At 10 to 20 percent throttle you won’t hear it, but as soon as you go past the 20 percent throttle mark, the engine starts to scream the hell out and trust me, it almost feels like the car is going to kill you and you are going to die any moment, it’s that scary.

When launching the Z06 you are pushed back to the absolute back of your seat and then the engine starts to do its thing. The interior is quite luxurious for an 85 grand car, the infotainment system works perfectly fine, it has Android Auto and Apple car play, with the front and the back cameras parking becomes a lot easier, though the resolution isn’t very good on the cameras, it works well enough to get the job done. The steering wheel isn’t that gimmicky and has a few buttons over it for to control to the various modes like track, the dial on the transmission side of the driver provides the option of adjusting the suspension to different modes so that you can make the ride soft or harsh depending upon the Tarmac. The Z06 craves to do track days, it simply demands you to get on the track and wants you to drive the nuts out of it. The Rev matching feature can be engaged with the flick of a pedal at the back of the steering wheel. The rev-matching allows you to just focus on braking and accelerating rather than being focused on changing the gears along with the corners. Burnouts are something that the Z06 can do all day long, it loves burning tires and with so much power and torque going to the rear wheels, you can have a pretty tiring job changing the tire now and then. The Z06 can accelerate under 3 seconds with the Automatic transmission and in 3.2 seconds, I would recommend any buyer to go with the manual if they want to enjoy the very best out of the car. The Z06 also has a top speed of more than 200Mph making it one of the fastest new cars on the market that you could just buy and do 200Mph, it’s also available in the form of a convertible if you are willing to hear that supercharger with the roof of.

The Z06 is a masterpiece of engineering, You can daily drive this car, do frequent Track days, go on drag strips to destroy other cars, and then simply head on to a weekend vacation with the luggage behind the back. There aren’t many cars out there that can do all of these jobs as perfectly as a Z06, thus making it the ideal choice for the Average Man to enjoy supercar power and that’s the reason why I love the Z06.

That’s all for this time guys, do check out some of the other reviews regarding other engineering marvels, and don’t forget to share your opinions in the comment section

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