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A Lot of times I have talked about the Indian Car Culture, how’s it getting better and better and how good is it at the moment.

Well, currently the Indian Car culture has gotten at least 3-4 times more lit than the last time I talked about it, how you may wonder? Well, some great and some unique cars have made their way to India and great cars have been built as project cars in India.

But there have been 2 cars in the Indian market that have literally revolutionized the Indian Car market, once and for all, and one of those two cars already hit a milestone.

That Milestone hitting a car is the Lamborghini Urus, recently Lamborghini India celebrated the successful delivery of 100 Urus’s in India and the 101th got delivered recently as well.

So, the first car that revolutionized the Indian car culture was the Ford Mustang. The Mustang is the most widely known muscle car in the world. Doesn’t matter if a person is into cars or not, they would have heard about the mustang in some way or another.

And India probably has the largest mustang fanbase in the world if we look outside of Us.

Since Ford came up with the Mustang in India in Mid-2016 it has got a huge amount of success. It was launched at a price bracket of around 70 lakhs and at that price point, the mustang was offering a 5.0 liter naturally aspirated engine with a breath-taking Design and power levels that were unmatched at the price point.

That engine pushed about 395 horses and 515 Nm of torque and as we all know, these numbers are really huge in India, they are more than 5 times the numbers an average car makes in India, so it wasn’t surprising to see the mustang sell like Hotcakes and features like the line lock feature which enabled the driver to do burnouts on Demand and was a USP for the Mustang.

To date Ford has sold over 450 such Mustangs in India, so you can take a good guess of how Mustang-crazy India is.

Now coming to the 2nd car that influenced the car culture In India once and for all is the Lamborghini Urus.

With a Lamborghini Badge, a body shape of that of an SUV, and a V8 engine that produces the same amount of horsepower as that on the Huracan performance and has monster levels of torque the Urus was and is desirable af, there is no doubting that.

Moreover, the price point at which is selling which is 3.10 crores ex-showroom makes it the most affordable Lamborghini in India, not that I am not saying it’s worth the price but it was the only super SUV at the time it was launched and the badge alone is powerful enough to sell it and that’s exactly what happened.

Now theirs is some competition in the Indian car market for the Urus, a few days ago Aston Martin brought in the DBX with only 11 being allotted for India and as far as I know, they will sell out in a couple of days.

Other Super SUVs like the Bentley Bentayga and Rolls Royce Cullinan has recently seen a growth in their sales numbers.

And Cars like the Ferrari Roma have started arriving in India.

Famous Indian Car collector Gautam Singhania recently added a 1969 Mustang that has especially been made for the Dragstrips, to give you an idea of how crazy it is, the blower on it is bigger than engines on some other Cars…

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