The corvette series of cars from Chevrolet is one of the most celebrated supercar line-ups of the car industry. Over the years due to their striking balance between affordability and performance, they have coined the term “Affordable Supercar”. Since the day the corvette was launched, it was a front-engine, the company achieved great success with their Corvette C5, the C6, and the latest C7, the C7 being the most powerful front-engine Corvette to date. All was going good until some engineers and designing heads of the corvette line-up decided to try a new platform, they saw the shift happening in the market and they knew that the front-engined Corvette platform isn’t going to last for long so they experimented with a mid-engine format, it’s called the C8 corvette.

The C8 corvette marks the beginning of a new era of mid-engine Corvette’s, the biggest selling point for this car is its price. At a base price of just 60,000$, you can get think 194 Mph supercar fast Corvette, the Value for money proposition that this car offers is insane, it destroyed the market for other cars at the same time, especially the Toyota Supra, which is around the similar price tag but isn’t even comparable to the C8. The C8 created such spontaneity in the Market that the first C8 corvette that rolled of the line, sold for more than 3 Million dollars, so we can say that this car is pretty special and important for Chevrolet. It’s the first time that the Drive sits in the front of the engine in a Corvette. If we talk about the Powertrain, a 6.2 liter Naturally Aspirated V8 engine that puts out 100 more horses than the Ferrari 360 Modena, that is 495 Horsepower at 6,450 Rpm and 470 Pound Ft. of torque at 5,150 Rpm. The power might not seem very much on paper when considering the size of the engine, but it’s more than enough in the real world. The upper models will have more horsepower derived from the same engine. The performance figures on this car are mind-numbing, it’s quicker than some of the multi 100,000$ supercars, 0 to 62Mph in under 3 seconds, that’s on par with the 400,000$ dollar Ferrari 488 Pista, the top speed? It’s 194 Miles per hour as tested, that’s a higher top speed than the Honda Acura NSX and the Nissan GT-R which cost’s nearly 3 times as much as a C8 Corvette.

On the design front, the C8 Corvette gets Polarizing opinions, some say it looks like a “Wannabe Ferrari” and some way it looks like a much expensive supercar. The Design may be inspired by the Ferrari but in no way, is it trying to be a Ferrari, those quad Exhausts in the Rear and those rear taillights are some of the features that Chevrolet have derived from their models. Moreover, it’s a Mid-engine Sports car, so the stance the ride height, the Whole silhouette of the Car, in general, would like any other Mid-engine Supercar, and honestly, Chevrolet has done a pretty good job in designing this car, it’s just that the car looks to be Busy and angular from the rear, Chevrolet has focused on making this car look aggressive and it does, but they could have put in a bit more effort in designing the car to make it look beautiful at the same time, something like a Ferrari 458 Italia. But that’s just my opinion, the public loves it, the sales of the car are going great, that’s what matters at the end of the Day. The C8 is rear-wheel drive, which makes it more fun to drive, and also helps it do Donuts around the road better. The weight of the C8 is slightly on the heavier side, at 1527 Kgs, it’s not insanely heavy, but it can be made lighter, and that’s understandable because Chevy had to launch the car at an affordable price and a lot of top-grade material can’t be used if you want to keep the car affordable. The interior is well laid out, the seats are very comfortable too. One thing which I love about Americans is that Americans never disappoint with their exhaust sounds, it goes with the C8 too, that naturally aspirated V8 sounds insanely good and loud. It has got a slight rumble in it and gets louder and louder as you approach the higher RPMs.

As the C8 has got its place among the market, it continues to be one of the best cars in the market to buy and to make a car with those performance levels and launching it at a price, where you can only get a nice hot hatchback, Chevrolet has achieved a remarkable engineering feat with the C8 and they have done what most of the Manufacturers thought wasn’t possible at that price point. So, Kudos to Chevrolet for creating a remarkable piece of engineering.

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