The guys at Hennessey have been making standard stock cars faster since 1991, over the years they have produced numerous vehicles and have world records around the world taken tuning to another level. You can even give your car to Hennessey and they will make it faster within your budget, that’s the level of skills they are also famous for various world records around the world, at one time they had also held the record for the making the fastest production car in the world, The Hennessey Venom GT, which had a top speed of 270 Miles per hour, only 6 were ever made and they cost over a million each. Recently, Hennessey made a new world record with the new C8 corvette. On May 8, 2020, John heinricy drove a Hennessey approved C8 corvette stingray with the Z51 package. The standard C8 with the 6.2 liter V8 makes 495 horsepower. This corvette had some specific steel exhaust upgrades and a 135 Nitrous express system. The point to be noted here is that this C8 corvette was not the twin-turbo version of the Hennessey C8. Also, the spoiler that comes with the Z51 package was removed to reduce drag over the car and make it more slippery aerodynamically. The changes in the car proved well enough and accompanied by Automotive YouTuber “The stradman” in the Co passenger seat, the car went on to achieve a top speed of 205.1 Mph at the Continental tires proving ground in Uvalde, Texas. Moreover. The speed recorded was not the speedometer speed, it’s the official VBox GPS speed. This is the first C8 corvette to break the 200 Miles per hour mark. To give you all a perspective of how fast the car went, the car was covering 92 meters of ground per second, that’s indeed very fast. Hennessey once again proved their engineering excellence with this record. It will be interesting to see how fast the twin-turbocharged C8 corvette will go. That’s it for this time Guys Thank you Ciao

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