The 90s were probably the best era of supercars. Legends like the Ferrari F50, Lamborghini Diablo, Jaguar XJ 220, and the Best of all McLaren F1. But alongside these cars there was a car that didn’t get much attention, it came, it conquered and it went away. It was the car that told the Jaguar XJ 220 to go home by smashing the World top speed record for a production car. If you still haven’t guessed the car, then you need to dive deeper into the 90’s supercar era. The car that I am talking about is the Bugatti EB 110 SS. In the 1990s an Italian businessman saw the potential of making the Bugatti brand alive once again, so he bought the rights to use Ettore Bugatti’s name and many of his other assets from the French government in 1987. His goal was to revive the once-famous French supercar legend by bringing a high tech supercar to the market. He opened a factory near Modena Italy and the Bugatti EB 110 was launched in 1991. The EB 110 was a different car altogether, in the era of pop up headlights, Bugatti came out with flat straight headlights, the reason? Aerodynamics Baby!! The looks of the car are polarising, some people love it, and some people hate it. I love it. The design is beautiful and functional. It came with an engine that was unheard of at that time. It had a relatively small 3.5 Litre V12 engine with quad turbos. Twin-turbo setups were a common thing but an engine with quad turbos was never made before, and that was one reason why the car had a driving experience like no other. Michael Schumacher, one of the greatest legends of F1 had the choice to buy any of the supercars, he had one of the Bugatti EB 110s. That says it all. The car has an all-wheel-drive system, unlike other supercars that came with rear-wheel drive. The EB 110 SS makes 610 horsepower. It has an acceleration of 0 to 60mph in 3.5 seconds and it tops out at 218 Mph. Since the car has 4 turbos, it takes a while for the turbos to spool up and the power to kick in, but once the turbos are done spooling, you experience a face-melting acceleration. The car oversteers a little around the corners. The car was way ahead of its time. It has an automatic rear wing ejection which acts as an air brake as well. Many modern supercars still don’t have the technology. The car has a redline of 8,250 rpm, and the way it sounds in the top end is godly. It has a short wheelbase and the small size of the car contributes to the car’s agility. The Supersport version of the EB 110 had a very limited run, round 33 to be precise, and their prices are booming around everywhere, in some cases may be close to a million. Modern Bugatti’s like the Veyron and the Chiron have conventional doors, but the EB 110 has the much cooler scissor doors, which instantly makes it one of the coolest Bugatti’s to ever exist. The aerodynamics on the EB 110 is very advanced for its time, it has integrated cooling ducts in the headlights to cool brakes. The iconic cooling ducts on the door sides of the EB 110 have become one of its signature identification feature. The iconic horseshoe grill on the front of the car is the smallest Bugatti grill on any of their cars. The recently Launched Bugatti Centodieci pays homage to the EB 110 and it does it in the signature Bugatti way. The EB 110 was made to pay homage to the man who gave birth to Bugatti, Sir Ettore Bugatti himself, and I would say that the EB 110 serves its goal. That’s it for this time Guys Ciao

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