There are cars, then there are supercars and at the top of the Car chain, there are Hypercars. With each passing level, the number of Manufacturers starts decreasing. But the question is who started the Hypercar category and what is a Hypercar anyway? More than a decade ago Bugatti came out of nowhere and launched the Veyron with 1001 Hp, not only was it the most powerful car for its time it was the fastest too, topping out at 253 Miles per hour. It blew everyone. The World hadn’t seen such a car ever before that just broke all the records at once. It was the first original Hypercar as it didn’t fit in the supercar standards. A Decade Later, the Veyron’s production had been finished and now it was time for a new model, a successor to the Veyron. Bugatti launched the Chiron, it had 1500 horsepower!!! That’s insane, that much horsepower in a road car with AC and radio?? Bugatti has kept the powertrain the same, the Chiron has the same quad-turbo W16 like the Veyron, but the turbos on the Chiron are even larger. This car doesn’t just have huge Hp numbers, it’s a Torque Monster as well. It has 1600 Nm of torque, the reason why this car is the fastest accelerating IC engine in the world. It takes 2.5 seconds to reach 60 Mph and has a top speed of 236 Mph……..;) without the speed key. If you want to reach the top speed of 261 Mph you will have to use the Speed key, after which the car will perform an inspection of the tires and other stuff before allowing you to go to the top speed. The top speed has been limited to the 261 Mph for safety reasons. Though we all know that the car is much more capable. Bugatti is the only company that cumulatively ticks all the boxes. Cars are Elegant, fast, beautiful, aggressive, functional, and just Engineering Marvels. The only company that comes even close to Bugatti in terms of all of these factors is Pagani. The Chiron name comes from the Legendary Bugatti Racecar driver Louis Chiron. There are four visual aspects to recognize a Chiron. Firstly, the C shape in the silhouette of the car, secondly the Centerline that runs from the front to the end of the car (The centreline pays homage to the Legendary Bugatti type 57 SC Atlantic). The 3rd point to recognize a Chiron is the Bugatti horseshoe grille upfront. And at last, the Rear single continuous running brake light. Interestingly the Centerline runs through the interior as well, it’s one giant continuous LED Bugatti has the world record for using the longest continuous LED in a production Car. The interior is a Bliss to be in, right from the moment you step in the car, you realize that it’s not just any other superfast Hypercar, it’s a Bugatti unmistakably. The oily feeling of turning the dials, the smoothness in upshifts and downshifts. Just the feeling of sensing them gives a different kind of satisfaction. Now from the driving perspective, it quite easy to drive and that’s a compliment. Just gently give it gas and it will feel like any normal car, press down a bit hard and you could sense those 4 turbos behind you spooling up, and then you will be thrown into your seat deep inside as all the G forces start to act, the next moment you are doing 100 miles per hour on the speedometer. I am trying my best but I can’t express the feeling in words, it’s something that you will have to experience. The Pedals and all the dials in the car are made up out of a solid block of aluminum. I love analog tachometers, seeing the dial revs up to the redline is a different kind of sensation. The Redline of the Car is rated at 6500 Rpm. To put all that power on the road, you need some very good tires. Michelin’s sport cup 2 tires are performing the job here and they are mammoth in terms of width. 285 at the front and 355 in the back. That’s wider at the front and slimmer in the rear than the previous Veyron, this gives the car a pointier feeling whole going in corners. One of the commendable things about the Chiron is its ability to do cornering, the Veyron was just a straight line machine but Chiron is quite corner friendly. If you want to Track a Chiron then you can put it in handling mode, the car will lower itself by a few mm and then you can see the change. The Engine this car has in itself is a masterpiece, its bulletproof reliability, smooth functioning nature, and its ability to conceal itself inside the car in subtle ways. You all be overwhelmed after seeing the Process through which this engine goes, on an engine dyno, the engine is made to run for 25 hours straight at full Rpm. As far as I know, most of the engines today will probably blast off if they were abused this much. Also, the Car is tested for 500 miles by the engineers and several 400 Kmh runs are executed on the Track. The Rear diffuser is huge, it helps to keep the Chiron on its feet and helps in preventing the Chiron from taking off in the air. It also features a Quad exhaust layout, there are 2 exhaust outlets underneath the diffuser which help in reducing the lift. The aerodynamics on this car is also very clever, it features active aerodynamics. The headlights in the front have Air ducts at the inner ends which cools downs the brake as the car accelerates. The Rim’s on the Chiron is the sickest rims I have ever seen on a car. The car has been designed By Sasha selipanov and Frank Heyl. The Chiron’s production run has been limited to 500 units, which makes it quite an exclusive car. All those 500 people who are going to own this car, I envy you all. The Chiron is nearly half of its production run. In the meantime, we have received a few special Chiron models. There is the Chiron Sport, which is 40 pounds lighter than the Chiron and handles well around the tracks as said by Bugatti officials. It also has a 16 embedded to its horseshoe grill, in case you forget how much cylinders it has. Bugatti also has the results to prove their point, the Chiron sport is 5 seconds faster around the Nardo circuit in Italy than the standard Chiron. In 2017, Bugatti did a 0 to 400 to 0 on their famous super-secret test facility in Germany, Ehra- lessen. The car did a 42 second time with Juan Pablo Montoya behind the wheel of the car in a span of 3.1 Km. The Brakes on the Car are very powerful, the best way in which I can complement them is that they are probably the only thing that can put a leash to this beast. Last year, Bugatti out of nowhere made an unofficial Top speed record of 304.97 Mph. I said Unofficial because the Car is modified and it hasn’t hit the Production line yet, moreover for the official record you need to get the run in both directions, then the average of both the speeds is taken as the Top speed average. Bugatti confirmed that the Chiron Supersport 300+ will soon hit the production lines with a Limited production run of 30 units. Regarding the second point, the Tread at Ehra-lessien has been shaped in a particular direction over repeated tests in one direction, thus it wasn’t a safe and viable option to run the Car on the Same Track. Moreover, the friction on the tires will be incredibly huge while running in the opposite direction, adding to the reasons for not performing the run in that direction. The engineers and officials at Bugatti said that Ehra-Lessien is quite close to the sea level which makes the air denser and thus reducing the Top speed of the Car. And since, Bugatti is owned by Volkswagen, they don’t have the permission to test the cars on other tracks except for Ehra-Lessien. The Changes made in the standard car were quite significant, the wing was fixed in a way to prevent it from retracting. Also to make the car more slippery through the air, the Car was lowered and made 25 cms lower. Wheel louvers were made in the front wheel arch to relieve the air from the wheel arch, the front splitter was tweaked to feed more air into the engine. The Diffuser design was revised to provide for a larger diffuser area, which would result in more air passing around the car and thus prevent it from lifting. Also, the engine was tuned up to a 1600 horsepower. This car sounds so monstrous that there is nothing else quite like it. It sounds angry and has a deep rumble to it. Nowadays, on the internet I have seen that there is a lot of hate going on with this car, some say it's ugly, it's heavy, it isn’t a driver’s car and some shit like that. These are Broke Keyboard warriors who probably will never see this car in their lifetime let alone drive it. There are wannabe Car guys all over the Internet so it’s not a new thing. You can’t criticize a car just based on your internet research, there is no point in forming an opinion about a car without driving it. This car is the zenith of the internal combustion engine in every possible way and the poster car for the modern era people. And as we approach the end of this post, the numbers of words in this post has surpassed the Horsepower of the Chiron supersport 300+ itself, quite impressive for me though ;) This is my longest post ever guys, I need your support to keep going, thank you for giving this post your time. It means the world to me. Thank you Until next time Chao ;)

Photo byDavid LevêqueonUnsplash

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