Bugatti makes spectacular cars, they are the ones who created the Hypercar category, they shook the world with the Veyron and now its successor Chiron is doing the same thing just on a much larger scale. But imagine tracking a Chiron around the Nurburgring, the Silverstone, or the Imola circuit. Don’t be surprised when I say about doing a track day in a Chiron. The Veyron was a straight line monster, the Veyron Supersport even more, but that’s not the case with the Chiron, it’s not just a one-trick pony, it’s not just a Bulked up Veyron too, which most broke people think it is. It handles around the corners very well and is a straight line monster too.

Bugatti made the Divo which is a track monster, they made several versions of the Chiron, they broke the World top speed record for a production car with the Chiron Supersport that had a top speed of more than 304 Miles per hour, and now they have come up with something even more special, the Chiron Pur Sport, which translates to Chiron Pure sport in English. Bugatti claims that it’s the ultimate Chiron that’s been made for the track and it’s just a modified Chiron, it has some significant changes which make it quite a different car from the standard Chiron.

For starters, it’s in total 50Kgs lighter than the Standard Chiron, so it weighs 1946Kgs instead of 1996kgs. The ride height has been lowered by a few mms, to make the car generate even more downforce. The Front has been revised and made even more aggressive, the front diffuser is lower and has a slightly modified silhouette to it, and to direct the air towards the rear wheels and the side Intake ports. One of the biggest changes that can be easily spotted is in the wheel design, the Wheels have a very special function to them since the Pur sport is meant to be a track car, the Wheels allow more air to enter and cool the brakes, the Turbofan design also helps in generating downforce around the wheels so that they keep on providing grip since the brakes get very hot the wheel have been fabricated out of Magnesium and not Carbon fiber because Magnesium can sustain higher temperatures than Carbon fiber, though some of its parts can be specified in carbon fiber. There is an improvement on the tires as well, the Tyres are not the standard Michelin Pilot sport cup 2’s, they are the R versions which provide about 10% more grip than the standard tires. Since the car is meant to be a Track monster, there are some tweaks in the suspension area too, and the Chiron Pur Sport is 65 % stiffer at the front and 33 % stiffer at the back, thus increasing the cornering speed of the Car. The Gearbox of the Chiron Pur sport has been heavily revised, the Gearing has been made shorter to allow for quicker upshifts and downshifts. The result? 0 to 62Mph in just 2.3 seconds, 0 to 124Mph in 5.9 seconds, that’s quicker than any IC engine car out there. The top speed of the Chiron Pur sport has been limited to 350Kmph, Bugatti says that the Pur Sport is a track animal and not a straight line machine and therefore more emphasis has been given on the Track performance of the car than the straight-line performance. Much of the weight savings have been made from removing the retractable rear wing system from the car, the wing is now fixed. The rear of the car has been inspired by the Star Wars space ship and thus the sportive X shape in the back. The exhaust has been revised as the system is now fully 3-D printed titanium exhaust, and the threadfin exhaust panel leads to the beautiful finishing, the rear diffuser has been revised to allow more air to pass, to generate more downforce. Dual-tone Alcantara, in the interior, saves a considerable amount of weight and for the party trick, the Chiron Pur sport has a drift option on the center dial, in case you want to drift your 3+ Million pounds, 1500 Horsepower Bugatti. Only 60 of them will ever be made, making them quite exclusive.

Bugatti has done it yet again, created something that has never been done before, a 1500 Horsepower Hypercar, that’s purely meant for the track. Ettore and Jean Bugatti will be proud of this creation.

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