Quick Question, do you know the meaning of the Word Bolide?? A Bolide is a Large Meteor that explodes in the Atmosphere but… that’s the English Version, the French version is cooler.

In French, Bolide means Racing Car, can you guess which French Manufacturer just launched Bolide?? It can’t be Renault as they are busy making Dusters and Kwids, can you guess it now??

Let me give you a Hint: - It’s the Company that gave the Slowest man on Earth aka James Way the Confidence to go fast.

Bugatti, yes, the very company that created the Hypercar Category by Launching the Veyron has made a Car that has never been seen before. It’s Performance Numbers, might even shame the fastest jet fighters in the World, that’s the Bugatti Bolide for you, my friend.

Bugatti’s have always been heavy due to the humongous engine and all the luxury on offer, but the Bolide doesn’t weigh 2 tonnes, the Bolide is just 100 Kgs heavier than the OG McLaren F1 but with Triple the Horsepower numbers and it’s all-wheel-drive too, so if your mind is not able to process the statements I just said then sit tight because this is just the Intro, it’s gonna get wilder as we move ahead.

Talking about the engine, it has got an 8 (just like me ;p) Litre W16 Engine which is, of course, Quad Turbocharged with, not 1000, not 1200, not 1500 but with 1834 Horsepower and 1850 Nm of torque, that’s almost a 1:1 Ratio of Horsepower and Torque, do you know about a Supercar which has the same 1:1 ratio of Horsepower and Torque, Do you?? Huh?? It’s the McLaren Senna Ladies and Gentleman, 800 Ps power to 800 Nm of Torque, “Perfectly Balanced, as all things should be” (Insert Thanos wink).

Now, you might be thinking, “Horsepower Numbers and engine is all good, but what are the results of these numbers” You wanna know the Results?? Here they come: -

It’s timing from 0 to 60 mph is faster than the time you take to reply to your Crush, 2.17 Seconds to be precise.

From 0 to 200Kmph 4.36 seconds, 0 to 300 Kmph in 7.37 seconds, 0 to 400 in 12.08 seconds but that’s not all, at its full Potential the Bolide is capable of reaching up to speeds of 500+ Kmph and that too in just 20.16 seconds!!!

I don’t know about you but when I saw these numbers, I wasn’t able to digest them for a Long long time, I mean this car is Bending the rules of Physics.

Another question that might arise here is that, how does the Car prevent itself from flying off, because the Numbers are so Bonkers, that this car has the potential to take off higher heights than the CLK GTR. Well, the Bolide has something called Downforce, lots of it, you might have heard about it, it’s a pretty cool thing.

To be precise the Bolide Produces a total of 2600 Kg of Downforce at 200 Mph, 800Kgs at the front, and 1800 Kgs at the back, but these Numbers would have just gone above your Head, so to give you a Context of how crazy that is, imagine yourself standing on one side of the Nevada Highway, you see 3 Cars coming in, one is on the ground and two are Upside down, confused you Rub your eyes, to see if it is even real or not, turns out the moment you were rubbing your eyes, the Cars passed, then you look closely and you see 3 Bugatti Bolides flying away into the Horizon, that’s the Downforce level the Bolide Produces. At 200 Mph it can Theoretically Fly Upside down with another Bolide.

Impressed enough??

Wait there is more, due to the Inspiration the Bolide has got from Motorsports, it’s expected to see the Bolide achieve some great times around Tracks, it turns out, Bugatti Simulated this too and by putting in all the Crazy things the Bolide is capable of, it turns out that the Bolide will be able to Lap the Le Mans Track in just 3:07:1, for context the fastest lap ever of the Le Mans Circuit has been recorded in 2017 when Kamui Kobayashi in the Toyota TS050 hybrid was able to lap the 13.629 Km lap in just 3:14:791.

That’s cool, but what about the King of all the Tracks in the world, the Nurburgring?? Bugatti thought that too and when they simulated the Bolide they found that the Bolide will be able to lap the Nurburgring in just 5:23:1, again for context, the fastest Nurburgring time ever has been set in a Le mans winning Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo which lapped the Nurburgring in just 5:19:545.

I Wholeheartedly wish that the Bolide achieves these Lap times and if possible maybe even faster because if it does then it will create history because it’s already going down in the Books of the Greatest IC Engine cars ever built, there is no doubt about it and I am sure if you are emotionally connected to Cars then you will surely understand my emotions here, the Veyron happens to be the very Car that got me into Cars when I was a child and to see Bugatti from the place where they started to the position where they stand today, they have come a long way and I thank them from making Cars like these.

Lastly, if I had to describe the Bugatti Bolide in a Nutshell, it would be something like this “If Thanos were a Car, it would be the Bugatti Bolide”.

Thank you, everyone, for giving this a read.

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