We have discussed previously some Super SUVs, SUV’s that are fast and can carry your family to places unexplored. This time we are heading to Germany to discuss another Super SUV that has been dominating the market for quite some time. BMW as we all know makes some of the finest cars on this planet. Ranging from fast two doors to 200Mph breaking Super saloons. But this time we are going to discuss a not so popular but still impressive car from the BMW line-up. And it’s not the standard model or M model, but the best of all the M Competition model.

It’s the best performance SUV by BMW on sale today, it’s the BMW X5 M competition. I know that the X6 M Competition also exists over the X5 but in terms of the balance between Power, exhaust, and looks, there is no beating the X5(at least in my opinion).

It has a 4.4 Litre Twin-turbo V8 Engine that produces 617 Horsepower and 553 Pound ft. of torque. Nobody, I repeat nobody in this world needs a 617 Horsepower crossover, but everyone will want this one. The design of the X5 M competition may not be as beautiful as an Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio or a Jaguar F-Pace SVR but there is something about those wide haunches, aggressive lights, and grills that make this car stand out from the crowd. The Massive 22 inches wheel might be terrible for ride-quality but the design itself takes the breath away. The LED taillights are clean and simple. The Blacked out rear diffuser houses the Quad Exhausts finished with an M touch, the only thing which I feel bad about are the fake vents in the rear of the car, just why BMW, why would you put fake vents on an SUV that sells in 6 figure numbers. It’s on the interior side where the X5 really starts to stand out. The two large wide screens in the middle give it a high tech look. The Red ignition button on the steering wheel looks like something designed for a Missile launch and the M1 and M2 buttons on the steering wheel for switching between driving modes and few other things like this are the reason why the X5 attracts its customers. On the comfort side, it’s luxurious and decently comfortable, but on longer journeys, you can easily feel the discomfort, the 22-inch wheels, low profile tires, and the adaptive M suspension is to blame. The seats feel overly bolstered. But, due to the standard shape of the X5, unlike the coupe shaped X6, there is a lot of cabin space, ample amount of headroom and legroom both for the driver and the passenger. The boot space too is very well sized and has a split tailgate function to allow for easy loading and unloading of your luggage. Though the car is updated will all of the latest features and comes with voice assist too, the infotainment might lag few times, and it’s quite frustrating as it requires the car to be restarted or disconnecting the phone. The Launch control on the X5 M Competition doesn’t always work for some reason, you would be really lucky if you manage to launch this car in your first attempt. The toggling between modes might be a bit confusing but that’s the area where the X5 is meant to shine.

Let’s talk about the performance and handling of this car, not just the performance numbers. The X5 competition weighs 5,450 Pounds and is 8.4 inches high off the ground. With all of these, it carries five passengers plus cargo and yet against the laws of nature, the X5 drives and handles like a sports car. The 8 speed ZF auto transmission is lightning fast and helps the X5 to switch between gears quickly. 0 to 60Mph takes just 3.7 seconds and with a top speed of 177Mph, it’s faster than a BMW M2 Competition. The quad exhaust looks so beefy and screams performance right from the design. BMW never lets anyone down with their exhaust Notes and the X5 M competition is no exception, it sounds angry and is ready to charge whenever you want it to.

In terms of safety, BMW’s never let down anyone. Standard X5 is one of the safest cars in the market and when you add the various packages that can be optioned with the Car you realize how much safe you are inside this German Monster.

The X5 M Competition is one hell of an SUV, BMW has achieved a marvelous win in the market with this car and I can’t think of any other car except the Audi RS Q8 that balances all the things, as well as this car, does.

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