What’s up Motordrifters, I trust you all are doing well, in the last video we discussed the BMW m8’s Design overview and driving modes, but this time we are going to take a look over the design in a lot more detailed manner,

Today we are going to be bold. The New BMW M8 series is a confident and bold design concept making a clear lifestyle statement. It’s available as a core or competition model and comes with a lot of extras to find your perfect match.

This one is finished in the powerful marina bay frozen color and is a competition model.

The front shape design and kidney-shaped grills on all M8 models are identical. The M specific grill comes with double bars and a high gloss black frame giving it that tilted and distinctive shark nose appearance. You also see that the M8 badge comes in chrome black too.

With up to 625 horsepower the new BMW m8 series has plenty of power, to ensure great cooling the air intakes are large and striking in black, flat below the outer air intakes guarantees perfect aerodynamics.

The Vehicle’s body is brimming with clear lines and defined proportions.

The M8 competition comes with 20-inch bi-color wheels finished in this lovely cut with non-run flat performance tires and talking of options, the M carbon exterior package is the perfect way to finish your BMW M8 series.

The M specific side mirrors are designed in a double arm character and come with carbon mirror caps when ordering the M carbon exterior package. Also, an eye-catcher is the M gill which is finished in Carbon and an absolute highlight of the overall design is the roof in carbon fiber, which comes as standard.

A lot is going on at the rear too just look at this fold, an iconic gurney that comes as a part of the optional carbon package and you can see the M8 badge finished in black, and the M carbon package adds even more character with the carbon rear diffuser.

Let’s not forget the sports exhaust system in chrome black featuring two double tailpipes with a diameter of 100 millimeters.

Exclusivity, this is what the interior design of the BMW M8 series stands for, just looking around you can see many M specific design elements, starting with this Nice leather and Alcantara combined with a mid-round beige, it just screams out pure luxury. The Interior trims comes as standard in carbon fiber and it continues with the M sport seats in this fantastic competition exclusive bi-color upholstery with the Alcantara details, the semi-integrated headrest gives a real sporty feel to it, the M Steering wheel doesn’t just look good, it also ensures easy and comfortable handling featuring shift paddles and the M drive buttons in red.

You will find the red highlights on all controls specifically relevant to driving by the start/stop and the gear shift lever.

So, talking about the new M specific gear shift lever, it now comes with integrated drive logic and the parking button and if you look more closely at the center console, you may well notice that the three well-known buttons for the systems around engine-dampers-steering are missing, but to emphasis more intuitive handling, they have been replaced by this setup button, that opens up a new menu in the central information display and from there you can easily define your own desired setup, depending on personal preference. Right above the setup button is the new M mode button and of course, by pressing it you can easily change between the driving modes road, sport, and track, they’ll be showing up on the central information display too and there are two things here, first of all when you start the engine it will e in the road mode, so to get into the track mode, you need to press and hold the M mode button and then confirm your selection upon the central information display.

Now I should just say, that a particular mode is not recommended for public streets. Skipping through the modes you will see that the M specific display on the instrument cluster changes with each one and of course the BMW m8 comes with all well-known parking and driving assistance systems.

It’s all very well sitting there and talking about it; the real fun is going to start when you drive it.

Talking about the M8 Convertible, it only takes 15 seconds for it to become a Convertible and you don’t need to stop for converting it, you can convert it while still speeds up to 50kmph.

Coming to what’s under the hood of this German mad machine, it has got a 4.4 liter M twin-turbo engine and it delivers 625 horsepower or simply 460 kilowatts onto the road and that’s pretty impressive on top of that it produces 750 nm of torque. We have got the 8- speed M Steptronic gearbox.

But the question is, what is the result of all these numbers, well 0 to 100 Kmph in just 3.2 seconds, that’s 0.1 seconds faster than the Pagani Huayra and that is a freaking Hypercar.

But what’s even more impressive is that even at high speeds, the drivability and the feeling of control from behind the wheel are seriously impressive.

This is a result of the M specific components n the car, especially the M active differential, what it does is that in every moment of the corner, it delivers you the maximum of traction because it shifts with the top from the rear to the front or from front to the rear.

However, where you need it, it’s shifting and directing and it understands what to do to help you out and it gives you a confident feeling in that car, and on top of that you have got these three settings where you can play around with, it’s the four-wheel drive, the four-wheel-drive sport which gives you already a bit of sideways action and then the one which I like the most the 2 wheel drive because then you can go sideways.

Drifting is one thing, but if you want to go as the racing driver around the racetrack, what you want to have is a precise car and that means when you steer into the corner, you want to follow the car directly, and that’s what they achieve at the end with the M8, they achieve it by 1st of all with the adaptive damping settings we have in the car with the M strut package that made rear axle stiffer and that allows you to react directly to what you do on the understeer, input on the steering wheel and trade the reaction of the car that’s what you need.

Moreover, the M brakes on this car come straight from the racetrack.

The BMW M8 offers the boldest assertion of luxury without any compromise and is therefore your true lifestyle statement.

So, Guys, that’s all for the BMW M8, I trust I was able to give you all my knowledge about the M8.

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