The World’s first car was made in 1886 by Karl Benz. After the Benz patent motorwagen, the revolution on four-wheel began. But cars were not available to the masses until 1908 when Henry ford launched the model T. So, it would be wise to say that Germans invented the car. One of the leading manufacturers from Germany is BMW, they make good cars. The one good car that we are going to discuss today is the BMW M2 Competition. BMW launched its first M car way back in the 80s, it was called the M1. It was a sports car that helped to establish BMW as a brand that was versatile enough to launch a sports car of its own. Since then lots of M cars have been launched by BMW such as the M3, M4, and M4 GTS. Then BMW entered the market with their super saloons, the M5 which changed the game once and for all, the M6 and recently the M8. Alongside the normal M cars, BMW made their competition iterations as well. The difference? The competition car is 7mm lower than the standard M car, has a few horses more, and overall a more fun car to drive. It’s all going good for BMW, but the problem is that they have seemed to lose their “Why?” BMW has completely forgotten why they started the M cars in the first place. M cars used to be Driver’s car that had a very basic interior, small in size, fun to drive, and had a muscular stance. A true M car was recognized from a while away by a car enthusiast. But after the BMW 1M, things started to change, the M cars became more luxurious, they started to delete the option of Manual gearboxes, they started compromising fun over comfort, the M cars started to become heavier and Bulkier, twin-turbo V8 became a permanent thing and most of them were not just worthy of the M badge. Most of the Car enthusiasts thought that the M cars were dead (including me). When all of us had given up on BMW, BMW came up with the M2 competition and surprised us all. It’s a relatively affordable sports car with a turbocharged straight-six engine that produces 411 hp and 550 Nm of torque. It’s not very light at 1,550 Kgs but it’s quite light as other BMW models approach the 2-tonne mark. The moment you step in the car, you start to realize that this car is different, the steering wheel, the shifters, the gauges, everything is focused on enhancing the driver’s attention towards the road, and minimizing the distraction. It’s comfortable. It doesn’t have a load of luxury, it just ticks all the basic needs (just like a true M car). Moreover, it’s very fun to drive the car, the car tends to oversteer a lot. The rear of the car has those signature quad exhaust layout of an M car. The only thing I don’t like about the rear is the hanging Catalytic converter which protrudes out a lot and disrupts the clean look of the car. To add some more flavor, BMW has given the option to have a 6-speed manual transmission, which makes me even happier, you can also have the 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The funny thing is that the Manual transmission is faster than the automatic transmission, and the driver engagement with a manual gearbox is a different feeling. The M2 Competition can accelerate from standing still to 60mph in just 4.2 seconds and with the optional M Driver’s Package, it can also reach a top speed of 174 Mph, which is considerably good. The wide wheel arches, the front splitter, the wheel design, all of these things together form the character of the M2 competition. The Car from a driver’s point of view is phenomenal. The exhaust note in sports mode sounds like a true sports car and is music to your ears. The M2 competition can also act as a grand tourer car, since then space inside the car is not fully cramped, you have a decent amount of boot space and luxuries, and the gas mileage isn’t too shabby either. To conclude this post I would like to say that, BMW’s ‘’Why” may have gone fussy for a while, but it was not completely lost and with the launch of the M2 competition, BMW has proved it. We hope to see more of such cars from BMW in the future. Until then Ciao

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