"There is No Replacement for Displacement" I am sure you would have heard or read this statement many times The bigger the engine, the better it is, right?? That's what I used to think as well until I saw the BMW E30 M3 The first generation of the M3, the car that started it all A small-capacity inline 4 engine that produced decent power but combined with the lightweight-ness, the Car was fast and fun to drive

Generations came but none were able to replace the charm of the original legend, it's the very Car that taught me that "size of the engine doesn't matter, the way it's engineered does"

When it first came out in 1986 it was the first of its kind, it instantly became a sensation at the `1995 Frankfurt motor show when it was revealed for the first time.

It didn’t have a very long production period but for the years it was produced which was from 1986 to 1991, it created an impact that left millions of fans and enthusiasts around the world drooling over the M3.

Starting with the first thing, the Visualisation stage for the M3

The idea for the M3 came out from the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters or GTM Racing series, which was a racing series as the name would have already suggested for touring cars, it started in 1984 and is still going strong in 2020.

At this point, you might have a question in your mind that why did BMW make the M3 road car, why didn’t they just go on, develop a race car, and went racing.

You see it’s not that easy, Group A regulations stated that BMW had to make at least 5000 Road going version of the Racing M3 and sell them all within 12 months to be eligible to race, and they did it!

For its time, the M3 was a really advanced car, it had ABS and Ventilated discs, the suspension system on the M3 was directly derived from the racing car. My Favourite piece on the M3 has that 5 Speed manual transmission with those M Blue Violet and Red colors at the Top Left, which just makes it much more special.

Under the hood was the Engine that contributed largely to the success of the E30 M3, the 2.0 Litre 4-cylinder Engine that produced 200 Horsepower, that was the time when there was no need for 6 cylinders or a Turbocharger, a Naturally aspirated 4 Cylinder engine did the job pretty well.

More on the M3 Coming soon, stay tuned for the Video on our Youtube Channel, meanwhile, you can watch the video we created on the Ferrari SF90 Stradale:-

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