BMW recently took covers off the all-new BMW 2 series. Now, I know the design is not the best when it comes to beauty and aggression or anywhere elegant to the last generation of the 2 series. But let’s spare BMW from this onwards.

Let’s change our perspectives to getting powerful good handling, fun-to-drive cars rather than beautiful cars. Now if we go past the external design of the 2 series, you will see that the car is actually pretty good. Even if we test it on various aspects like basic engineering, engine, ergonomics, interior, and practicality, it’s a good car for sure.

And if it comes to India, which surely it will, it’s going to be so freaking awesome, why? Cause we have seen the magic that the 3 series have created in India, especially among the enthusiasts, now imagine the impact if we get a similar car that is toned down a bit for a bit less price.

I mean it will surely take the existing car culture in India to the next level, cause in India we can clearly see that supercars' orders keep coming in but we have even fewer sportscars than supercars, how sad is that? And to fill this gap we need cars like the 2 series and the 3 series.

Enthusiasts like me are always on a look for cars like these and the one thing that we are excited about the most is the engine, now interestingly the 2 series hasn’t gone hybrid or electric and BMW would likely keep them away from electrification for as long as possible.

So, BMW is going to be offering us 2 engines, firstly there is the 182 bhp, 221 Pound ft (which is about 300 Nm), inline 4 petrol engine, I know that the numbers aren’t mind-blowing but they do sound fun. The torque number is good; thus, we can expect the car to be quick.

Next up for all the diesel lovers out there, we have the 188 Bhp, 295 Pound ft (which is about 400 nm), Inline four mild hybrid diesel. This one’s the one I like the most because 400 nm is as fun as you can get in a 2 series.

So, talking about the performance figures, both the petrol and the diesel 2 series are quick, the petrol one does 0 to 100 kmph in about 7.5 seconds and the diesel does 0 to 100 in 6.9 seconds. To be honest, that’s lower than what I expected from BMW, I expected both of them to be under 6 seconds when hitting the triple-digit mark, but I guess they have done some changes to the lower end so that the car feels better at the mid-range and at the top end.

The thing which I didn’t like the most in this all-new 2 series, except the design is that they haven’t provided a manual, it’s a shame that we can’t these cars with a manual, they are only available with 8 speed automatic gearboxes which I agree will help in faster shifts but as an enthusiast, I want to at least have the option of getting the car in manual.

Anyways, if I were to buy this car, one of the things I might change in it first is the transmission conversion. I will convert it to a 6-speed manual and probably tune it to the level where it does 0 to 100 kmph in less than 5 seconds.

It will for sure make its way to India and when it does, I want BMW to price it right, cause if they get the pricing right, there is no doubt that they won’t the hearts of the enthusiasts.

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