Everyone desires fast cars, but what if you wanted to have some serious amount of luxury along with performance. Well, according to the equation Speed and luxury don’t go hand in hand but Bentley has been very successful at breaking this Equation with their cars, and today I would like to bring in the spotlight one of their best creations of the 21st Century, the Bentley Continental GT.

The Bentley GT is all the car a person like you and me will ever need, it can be used as a daily driver because of the comfort, practicality, and luxury it provides, you could take it a track and have fun with it around the laps or you can take it to a dragstrip and put other supercars to shame while feeling the Alcantara all around you and it can act as good getaway car on a weekend when you just want to take a short vacation.

If we start from the design of the GT, you will find everything a good design consists of namely Elegance, beauty, and aggression, the perfect blend and the wide wheel arches accentuate the muscle car characteristics of the GT, that little spoiler that pulls up from the behind is another great thing to be noticed on the exterior body of the GT.

When it comes to the engine, there is no forgetting the mammoth W12 of Bentley, sadly that W12 is no more going to be made but there are enough roaming around in the world for us enthusiasts to get their hands on.

The engine in the Continental GT is 6.0 liters in Size so it’s quite huge and it puts out 562 Horsepower and 700 nm of maximum torque, now let me remind you these figures are that of a proper supercar and then put them into a luxurious car like the Bentley Continental GT that’s meant to be driven with 4 people sitting in it comfortably, you get one thing and that’s Craziness.

None of the saloon cars in the market can strike as perfect of a balance between everything better than Bentley, basically, Bentley has set a threshold so high that it’s very hard for other manufacturers to catch-up, the only manufacturer I think that can come close to Bentley is Porsche, no one else!

Now, you must be wondering what do these numbers results in the real world? Well, the Continental GT will do 0 to 60mph in just 3.7 seconds and can go on to do a top speed of almost 205 Mph that’s faster than a lot of supercars in the market!

And when you come to the interior of the Continental GT where most of the time will be spent by you, you feel like you can live there, that’s how much comfortable and luxurious it feels. Do you know the reason why Bentley has such great interiors? Well, we all know that one of Bentley’s arch-rival is Rolls Royce and Rolls Royce prioritizes luxury to a level that no other manufacturer does, so Bentley in order to keep up with Rolls Royce designs such great interiors and it just so happens that they perfectly blend speed with luxury!

So, everyone, that will be all for the Bentley Continental GT, I trust you liked this one, if you did then do share it with your friends, and do consider subscribing to Motordrift for more such content in the future!

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