Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Hey you, thanks for connecting to me on my email and submitting the list of cars you wanted me to review. So, my friend pointed out that I had been discussing only supercars for months and didn’t discuss any sports car, my bad. Thus, on your request today I am going to review a sports car, it’s the best car in its segment. But it’s a little bit expensive. Its performance levels are just a little away from being an actual supercar, it has got lots of elements from its elder brother, the R8 V10, check out my review on the Audi R8 if you haven’t already. Also, it’s a German-engineered car so the car has to be awesome. The car in the discussion is the Audi TT RS, the TT RS is a very powerful sports car and if chosen with the right specs can cost as much as a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, yes you heard it right, it’s that expensive, just like you even I was startled to see the price but is it worth that money? Let’s find out. From a design perspective, the Audi TT RS is essentially an R8 with some more headroom and a different engine. But from the outside the Audi TT RS is beautiful and aggressive at the same time, it has those aggressive-looking Audi headlights, and coupled with those smooth flowing lines around the body, and the wide wheel arches it does has the stance of a proper sports car if it were lowered a little bit and given some exterior treatments the car TT RS wouldn’t be differentiable from an actual Audi R8 V10. The front splitter is just not for the show it’s there for its purpose and that is to cool the engine down by sending air and directing the rest of air towards the side of the car and thus minimizing the drag. The light on this car is undoubtedly the best light of the whole RS line-up. From the rear too the view is spectacular .and when the spoiler is up and you look at them while taking the rear diffuser and exhausts into the picture it does add more character to the car. Remember the time when Audi first came up with its wonderful 5 cylinder engine in the 80s for group B rally racing in the form of the Audi Quattro. That engine has made its way into this car too, a turbocharged 5 cylinder engine. Though the engine is not very big, just a 2.5-liter engine, the power, and torque it makes are seriously impressive, it makes as much power as a Ferrari 360 Modena, 394 to be precise and 354 Pound ft. of torque, coupled with an All-wheel-drive system this car launches like a rocket. The performance figures if you may ask are impressive too, 0 to 60 Mph in just 3.6 seconds if you can recall another German beast that has the same acceleration figure……. You guessed it right it’s the Beast of the green hell the Mercedes AMG GTR. The top speed limit is at 155 Mph, pay Audi more and 174 Mph is no big deal. Coming to the interior of this car, the first thing I noticed and you will too is that Audi TT RS doesn’t have any big screen popping up from the middle or attached to the dashboard somehow, all you have is your super cool looking instrument cluster. Audi wanted to make this car a driver’s focused car and thus the absent screen, since you and I both are car enthusiasts we welcome this move, don’t we? ;) Next to the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission placed in the middle, you will find a button with an exhaust drawing over it, it’s the sports exhaust button and is meant to make the exhaust louder. The steering wheel has been essentially lifted from an Audi R8 and I love it. You may also notice those seats in the rear, Audi markets this car as a 4 seater car, but the size of the seat isn’t designed for adults. Practicality is high in this car (If you use the back seats as luggage space) the seats in the front have been well-bolstered and they hold you real tight while you are doing hard corners. Carbon fiber elements add to the beauty of this car. Driving it, you would feel really good, it might understeer quite some times, and thus you need to be careful a little while driving it. The exhaust sound is good and it’s loud enough to make its way into the car. Shifting is quick, the paddle shifters aren’t made up of aluminum, kind of sad, and they have a plastic feel to it. So now it’s time for a conclusion. There are better cars available for the price of this car. It competes with the Porsche Cayman, the Corvette Z06 and the best in class the BMW M2 Competition, if I were in the market I would surely consider this car but as an overall car and due to price issues I am going to go with the BMW M2 Competition because it’s more affordable and still faster than the TT RS. So those were my views on the Audi TT RS, you can comment below to write what you think about it and if you have any tips for me on how can improve my reviews. Your feedback is always welcome Thanks Ciao

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