Updated: Sep 20, 2020

 Hey guys, I got some request from you all in my email regarding the RS7, so I thought of giving my thoughts over the Audi RS7, we have discussed cars like the Audi RS6 Avant, which happens to be one of the most powerful and the fastest estate car available in the market, we also talked about the Audi RS Q8 which is essentially a Lamborghini Urus at a lower price, we discussed and saw how the Audi RS Q8 is so fast despite being 100 Kg heavier and having less torque and power than the RS Q8, this time it’s the most powerful saloon car from Audi, I just can’t get over this car. The Car is the Audi RS7, which in my opinion is the meanest looking Saloon car you can buy in the market today, yes it looks meaner than both the BMW M8 and the Mercedes AMG E63 S. It follows the same trend of having a twin-turbo V8 engine with 590 Horsepower and 591 Pound ft. of torque, the engine also happens to be coupled with a 48-volt hybrid system that gives this car its stupid acceleration numbers and top speed figures. So, starting with the design of the car, the RS7 has a very streamlined silhouette to it, the lines flow smoothly from the hood in the front to the rear. Exhaust follows the same design from the other models with that oval design, if you look carefully you can see the quad exhausts with the flaps inside and they seriously look very cool, one of the things I never liked about Audi is the provision of fake vents across the car, Just why Audi? The rear diffuser with that honeycomb structure design is not functional it’s fake. The wheel arches in the rear are supremely accentuated, they are wide and they house those 275 section tires which provide supreme grip. The design of the wheels is the Awe moment for anyone who sees it for the first time, they are 21 inch diamond cut allow wheels, though you have the options of going with the 22 inches to make them look even better. In the front hood, you can see spot some air intake that feeds air to that monstrous engine and they are real, the laser headlights have some tricks and quirks of their own and the front splitter aids the car in its aerodynamics. We have also got some carbon side skirts to prevent lift-off when this car is traveling at super high speeds. Coming to the interior, we know that Germans never disappoint us with interiors and the same trend gets followed in the Audi RS7 too. You have got that lovely flat-bottom steering wheel as you get in the RS6 and the RS Q8. The paddle shifters are not made out of some cheap plastic, they have been made out of solid Aluminium and they feel so nice to use. The Digital instrument cluster looks phenomenal and displays information that one might not ever need if they aren’t a car guy. But if you are which I can clearly see you all are if you on this page reading this post then Audi has got your back. The RS7’s instrument cluster displays information like the G force meter, lap timing, and other stuff, the heads up display has also got some RS performance display. The RS7’s seats are perfectly designed and have been aimed towards providing the driver and the passenger with the utmost comfort. You can comfortably sit 3 individuals in the back seat of the Audi RS7, it’s that big, and there is an ample amount of knee room and headroom for the passengers. The boot is reasonably sized and is on par with what the competition of this car provides. The handling of this car is superb around the corners thanks to the 40mm of wider track over the standard A7 and the sport air suspension. Audi claims that the Car will to 0 to 60Mph in just 3.6 seconds, well Audi you guys are wrong, the car will do 0 to 60mph in 3.4 seconds, faster than what you claim! The car as standard has a top speed of 155 Mph but if let Audi does their job by paying them more money you can unlock the full potential of this car and then the car will go on to do a top speed of 190Mph, that’s very fast indeed. The 10 piston brake calipers have stupendous stopping power and if you with the optional carbon ceramics braking performance will increase and weight gets reduced too. The Audi RS7 has lots of electronic stuff going on in it, it’s good as per se the safety of the car, but as per driver involvement. I would rather prefer an AMG GT 4 door over this car to enjoy the driving feel. The Audi RS7 is a wonderful car, it does its job pretty well and you won’t regret it if you buy one but if I had to buy an Audi, I would rather have the Audi RS6 Avant or the RS Q8 over the RS7, it’s just my preference. That’s it for this time guys, subscribe to our Website if you haven’t already, and then you will be notified whenever I make a new upload. Thank you Ciao

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