We all have thought of hitting 200Mph in a car, whether to just brag about in front of our friends or to just feel what does it feels like traveling at 200Mph. Well to make things a bit more interesting, how about traveling at 200Mph with your whole family, and all your luggage in the back. Sounds, intriguing right? Thankfully, we all are living in a time, where all of this is possible. Wagon cars which offer great practicality, have always been perceived as slow family cars that are driven by grumpy uncles to their offices as a daily driver. But that definition has been changed by quite a big margin. There are various wagon cars out there that can put supercars to shame, of course, they don’t cheap, because of the engineering complexity they possess.

This time we are going to a discussion about a German wagon that has made Americans rejoice as it’s going to enter the American market for the first time and Americans have been drooling over this car since its first generation. The Audi RS 2 Avant was launched in 1994 and since the people’s perception about wagon cars has changed, Americans have also tried their attempt in making fast wagon cars and so far it’s going good for them with the Cadillac CTS-V wagon and the Dodge Magnum SRT8, but none of them have gone as to close as the Germans who started this trend of making extremely fast wagon cars. The recent RS6 Avant was launched with a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 with 600 Ps or 591 Horsepower, but it’s not only the horsepower that’s great, but the torque that this thing generates is also close to 800Nm. The result, a face bending acceleration of 0 to 62Mph in 3.3 seconds that’s on par with the Pagani Huayra!!! And that car is classified as a Hypercar. The RS6 has a top speed limited to 155Mph, but with the respective package you can increase it up to 190Mph, and that speed is with the standard 10 piston Brake calipers which are humongous, with the Carbon Ceramic brakes, which shaves off a total of 30Kgs from the RS6, the RS6 is even capable of hitting 200mph eventually on a long straight road. To put in context, the Alpina B5 bi-turbo is the only other wagon that can boast of something as big as hitting 200Mph. The front splitter, the side skirts, the roof rails, the rear diffuser are all designed with keeping the car's aerodynamics in check, it looks very aggressive, and in fact, there is no other wagon capable of saying “get out of my way” like the Audi RS6. The stance is no less than of a Supercar. The laser headlights in the RS6 have been derived from the RS7, and they have a stupendous throw of light at night, making night driving easier. The interior now features sports seats as standard which help in your holding you and the passengers to the seat while you are pulling multiple G’s through the corners. Since, the RS6 weighs a lot, almost 2 tonnes, it has a very heavy momentum to it. There are four modes in which you can choose to drive the car, Efficiency, comfort, auto, and dynamic. All the modes speak for themselves, but you can configure each of the suspension, steering, and the engine in these modes. The Flat bottom steering wheel has been centered on the driver, you have all the controls on the steering wheel from changing the driving modes to configuring the beautiful digital instrument cluster. The digital cluster has all the information one could ask for, it even has a G forces meter inside to give you the idea of the G’s you are pulling through the corners. Many things have been improved in the RS6 from the last generation, the Torque band is available throughout the Rpm range, which means you can experience that wild acceleration any moment you want (just warn other occupants before doing that). The wheels on the RS6 are beautiful, they are 22-inch diamond-cut wheels which demand some serious appreciation with the design. The rubber on this car is indeed very wide, 245 at the front, and 275 in the back which explain the reason why the RS6 never has any problem while getting traction. The Audi Quattro system is also the reason why the RS6 never struggles for traction.

Just imagine yourself, pulling alongside a Ferrari 458 Italia with 4 other occupants, luggage and a dog, and the moment the light goes green, you leave the 458 Italia behind in the dust, making the driver scratch his head in figuring out what just happened. That’s what the RS6 is. Audi has created another engineering marvel with the RS6 Avant, they just have to make the exhaust louder with the next generation ;)

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