The Audi A4 is one of the most loved Audis in India, ever wondered why? Well, its affordability is one factor, the other factor can be its look and style, it looks so stellar that it is guaranteed to turn heads on the road if you are sitting in one.

Moreover, if we look at the Indian consumers in general, especially the ones who are able to afford these types of cars, they often go for show off, I am not generalizing them, but I have met a lot of owners in this segment and I came to a conclusion that flashier the car, the more they want it.

And in that segment, nothing speaks as flashy as the Audi a4 and this is a typical thing that we all have noticed that whenever someone thinks of going into these exotic brands, the options they get are the Mercedes A class which is a hatchback, then we have BMW X1, which is a great Suv and then we have the Sleeky and stylish A4.

Now what I expected from Audi was to keep the sales numbers up of the A4 they would spend less money on research and development and thus Audi may have given a thought of giving the existing model a facelift, in this way Audi will have to spend less money and can continue to sell the car like the all-new A4, Cause that is what we all have seen with every facelifted car, but I was wrong.

It’s not just a facelift, Audi has done enough changes with the car that we can call it an all-new A4 for sure. Starting with the exterior, Audi is going to revise the air inlets in the front and in the rear, to improve the flow of air, even the grille will be changed and the headlights will be given a new shape.

Audi also said that the car will receive some chrome treatment and the alloys might receive a new design change.

Now talking about the interior of the car, there isn’t so much of a change, the seating and the wide and clean dashboard is still there, the one significant change is in regards to the infotainment system there is now a 10.1-inch touch screen which comes with the technology upgrade that Audi is doing on the a4, a 6 and the a8 with the MMI touch software.

Some of the buttons and the dials that used to come for controlling functions on the screen have now been integrated into the screen and replaced with storage spaces. The main buttons for controlling the ac vents are still there, so the experience overall should be good.

Now talking about my favorite part, the engine, it’s has gotten a lot better, from the previous 150 bhp 1.4-liter turbo petrol engine to a 190 bhp 2.0-liter turbo petrol engine, and the torque outputs have gone up as well, and this will be mated to a 7-speed automatic gearbox, powering the front wheels.

Audi India has also said that the famous diesel engine of the A4 won’t be making a return anytime soon as they plan to focus on petrol only for now.

Talking about the price, the A4 is going to be priced around the 40 lakhs ex-showroom mark, which implies that it will be competing with the Mercedes C class and the BMW 3 series both of which are significantly expensive than the a4, the price isn’t huge so we can’t say that Audi has won the price point part but if the overall car is better than the c class and the 3 series, then Audi India need not worry about the a4, as the customers will give feedback in the form of sales numbers.

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