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It’s the go-to Brand in the Supercar world if you want the Utmost Luxury with serious Performance, it is the Bugatti of the Supercar World. If you are from Europe, you would surely know this brand and even if you aren’t you would still know about it. If you are wondering why did I call them the Bugatti of the Supercar world, it’s Because they make some of the most elegant and powerful supercars on the planet. So, McLaren is already out of the equation! It’s the brand that stands for class. This brand makes some of the best track cars and GT cars on the planet, this is the brand that put British engineering on a pedestal, if you still haven’t guessed it then the answer is…. Aston Martin. Yes, the same brand that makes 820 Horsepower Vulcan also makes cars that have a twin-turbo V12 engine in them and their purpose is to drive you and your kids to the mountains for a nice weekend vacation. But the car that’s in the discussion today is a car that’s an entry to this brand, it doesn’t cost as much as an Aventador or even a Huracan, you can buy it for $155K if you decide to go with the base model, so no further talking, let’s dive into the review!

Design: -

This is one aspect where any other supercar manufacturer can’t beat Aston Martin, and that’s in terms of design. Sure, someone might argue that “Supercars need to perform they are no Beauty model” But here is the thing, when you buy a car, the first thing to notice before anything is the looks, 99 Percent of rejections by customers regarding cars are due to looks, that’s a proven fact worldwide. The smooth flowing lines that go from the front to back, while housing that big monster of an engine under the hood also carrying forwards those massive tires in those wide wheel arches. I love how Aston Martin designs its cars. The Vantage not only looks beautiful but it also looks kind of aggressive if you pay close attention to the design. The rear diffuser with those bulky dual exhausts accentuates the rear of the car. The door doesn’t go in crazy formations or anything like that they have been designed with a minimalistic goal. They open slightly upwards to avoid any obstructions you might face on the road. Coming to the design of the rims, I love them when they are blacked out, the others like the silver not so much. Lime essence is the best color I can think of for this car, it makes it stand out. The Duck Tail Spoiler may remind of you another car? Guessed it yet?.......... It’s the Supra. The new-gen Supra has also got a Ducktail spoiler but it isn’t as cool as the one on this.

Engine and Performance: -

The Vantage despite being of British origin has a different origin under the hood. The 4.0 Litre twin-turbo V8 comes from Deutschland and has been sourced from AMG, so there is no doubt that the engine is supremely good. But, to transfer the power from the engine to the wheels efficiently you need a good transmission and thus the 8 speed ZF Automatic transmission. The engine produces a modest 503 Horsepower and 505 Pound ft. of torque. This car will be termed as a Sports car by everyone around the world. But let me put in some facts. This car has the same acceleration figure to 60 Mph as an AMG GT R and top speed is just 3 Mph shy of the 195 Mph mark of the AMG GT R. I don’t see from any point how this is not a supercar. It certainly does perform like one, has the looks to back it up, sounds loud and nice, it’s a Supercar. Its arch-rival is the Porsche 911 GT3 the GT3 is certainly a better car in terms of performance and driving pleasure but it’s a raw supercar, the Vantage is meant to be a supercar and a Grand tourer at the same time, thus the comfort and luxury. The Vantage pulls hard during launch control, the rear-wheel-drive layout takes the experiences on to another level. Sliding around corners has never been this easier and an Aston martin has also never been so fun to drive.

Conclusion: -

The Vantage is a fantastic car, probably the best in its class, but will I buy it? No, until the Porsche 911 GT3 is on sale. I Love the Vantage but I love the GT3 more, the GT3 is my dream supercar, it’s a car about which I am fantasizing for years. In the end, it depends on your taste also it’s your own money.

So those were my views on the Vantage, you can comment below to write what you think about it and any Specific car which you would like to write upon.

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