Aston Martin, the British car manufacturer is famous for Making luxury high-end supercars and being the ultimate choice of Car brand when comes to James Bond himself. They make some of the most beautiful cars on the planet. Every supercar in the market nowadays looks sharp and aggressive but they are quite a few companies that know how to blend in the beauty and keeping the aerodynamic functionality in check. The DB platform has been one of the most celebrated platforms in Aston Martin’s history because of the huge success of the DB9 and the DB 11. Both these cars came equipped with an N.A. V12 which made them sound great. The DB 9 even came with a manual transmission that enthusiasts loved. Over the years Aston Martin has come a long way, new models like the vantage and DBS Superleggera are keeping high in the competition. The present line-up of Aston martin is great but it’s their future models that intrigue me a lot. Aston Martin has laid some concepts in the last year. Namely, Valkyrie, Valhalla and the Vanquish Vision concept. Each of the cars has been designed for different purposes. The one we are going to talk about this time is the Holy Grail of all, The Valkyrie. First of all, the design of this car is another worldly. It’s beautiful, aggressive, and functional. This car has been designed to be Aston Martin’s halo car. The engineering behind this car is quite intriguing, it features a 6.5 Litre naturally aspirated V12 with a Redline of 11,000 Rpm. To pump up the power and torque figures the V12 has been supported with an electric motor. The power figure for this car is 1160 Bhp which is huge. Torque number has been revealed neither the acceleration numbers nor the top speed. But the Torque is going to be huge as well because of the hybrid system. One of the primary goals of Aston martin while designing this car was to make it light and so light that the car would be able to achieve a 1:1 power to weight ratio. There isn’t a single steel component used in the car, to keep the weight under check all, carbon fiber has been used extensively. The aerodynamic features of this car are bonkers. The rear diffuser is so huge that a child can get lost in it and you will probably never find it so careful with kids. The car features active aero, as does every other Hypercar in the Market nowadays but the Valkyrie takes it to a different level, one can see right through it. If a non-car person saw this car for the first time he would be confused into thinking that this car might be missing some body panels. The Interior is as basic as it can get, there is no Infotainment system in the car and that’s quite an interesting quirk. I say that I am paying 3.2 million dollars for a car and I don’t even get an infotainment system!!!!! (Just kidding ;). The reason is to keep the car as driver-focused as possible and also cause it reduces weight. The steering wheel looks like it has been directly taken from an F1 Car, well, as a matter of fact, it has been taken from an F1 car and since Red bull had quite a large role in the making of this car we get it. The seats are built in the Carbon fiber Bucket and every attempt has been made to keep it as light as possible. The Valkyrie has been ultimately designed to dethrone an F1 car on the Track while still being road legal. Only 150 of this engineering Marvel will ever be made and as we all can guess they all were sold out the moment Aston martin revealed it. That’s it for this time Guys Hope you all enjoyed it Chao

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