Aston Martin is known around the world for making some of the best supercars known to mankind. Right from the 20th century till now they have produced some remarkable models. The thing that separates them from other supercar manufacturers is their ability to make a supercar with the perfect balance of luxury and performance. If I have to describe Aston martin in one sentence I would call them the "Bugatti" of the supercar world. This time we are going to discuss the Halo car of the Aston Martin Brand. Most of you would have guessed it right. It's the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera. It's the best new Aston that money can buy you. Starting from the exterior, it's elegant and beautiful in every possible way. The Wide muscular stance of the car, the huge grill in the front which is the biggest grill ever on a road-going Aston Martin. The lines on the car transition very smoothly from the front to the rear. They are no sharp angles or aggressive looking bits that might be intimidating to some people. There is a particular thing I would like to talk about, the Superleggera badging, you see the Word "Superleggera" has been used Ducati in their motorcycles, it translates to "Superlight" in English. But at 1700 Kgs, I would it's even moderately heavy let alone being light. The Car has a humongous 5.2 Litre Twin-turbo V12 engine which puts out a whopping 715 horsepower. But it's not the horsepower that excites me, it's the torque number. It develops 900Nm of torque in total the same as Mclaren P1 and LaFerrari(Hypercar Torque levels). The car accelerates from 0 to 60mph in 3.4 seconds, it's not as quick as it's competitors because the car develops so much torque that the gearbox will ultimately break if all the torque is supplied in the lower gears. Thus, torque is limited for 1st and 2nd gears. The car has three driving modes and 3 suspension modes, GT, sport, and sport plus. Long drives are pure bliss in this car. The GT capabilities of this car are unmatched. Now since this car is meant to be a GT car, it needs to be comfortable and luxurious at the same time. But that's where the disappointment kicks in, the interior feels like it's years old, it is the same infotainment system that Mercedes used to use in their cars a year ago. It's laggy and doesn't function like other cars in the same range. If we remove the DBS badging you would mistake it to be a DB 11, that's how outdated it feels. The seats are very comfortable, but I don't know what the rear seats are meant for, not meant for adults for sure. The Hood is long and the body is entirely made from carbon fiber since the engine is so large and develops a high amount of heat, the aerodynamics and cooling systems on the car have been revised, the car also features a large and revised rear diffuser. The quad exhausts adds a significant character to the muscular stance of the car. Its arch-rival is the Ferrari 812 superfast. They are more different than each other than they are similar. The 812 is a light agile grand touring car, it has more horsepower than the Superleggera but has significantly low torque. Struggling for traction is not a problem for the DBS, the RWD setup makes for the ideal car launch you would want to have in a car. The DBS feels happier the quicker you drive it, you can drive it hard and push it to its limits or you could just drive long as long as you want. The carbon ceramics on this car are probably the only thing that could push a leash on this thing.

The DBS Superleggera is a special car, the engineering that went into this car, the versatility it posses and just the driving joy it brings to whoever drives it. This car would remain the best modern Aston martin for quite a long time before its successor gets launched.

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Photo byTim Meyer | @timm.jpegonUnsplash

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