The past whole week has been about Lamborghini’s and just Lamborghini’s, even I am tired of repeatedly talking about them, I wanted a change, you wanted a change, too right? And that’s the reason why we are heading to the Land of Britishers this time to talk about one of their finest pieces of machinery they have ever built in the 21st century. This car is made by a company whom I refer to as the Bugatti of “Supercars”, if you have been a long subscriber of Motordrift you would remember this reference and even if you are new, no worries, welcome to Motordrift. The brand is Aston Martin and the reason why I refer to them as the Bugatti of the Supercar world is that there are cars both luxury and fast just like Bugatti, it’s not that other manufacturers don’t make luxury cars, it’s just that these two brands take to the next level, Bugatti in the Hypercar world and Aston Martin in the Supercar World. Let’s dive into the Review of the DB 11, without any further ado.

Design: -

It’s as beautiful as it can get, before anything else, I want you to see the car and judge it for yourself: -

It’s the most beautiful Aston Martin I have ever seen, the lines, the huge grill in the front the vents in the hood with those blades………. I will give you a minute to digest this beauty. Being a front-engine car, the DB 11 has that long hood, that just keeps going and going. The headlights with those daytime running lamps accentuate the character of the car, even though the car is huge in proportions, the curves on the body make it look like a proper Supercar. The wheel design on this Aston Martin particularly seems to be the most aggressive one, the floating roofline gives the car an appearance of a 2-seater coupe, but the DB 11 isn’t a 2-seater. Moving towards the rear, the wide wheel arches on the DB 11 gives the car its muscles, these wheel arches also house-wide rear tires.

At the end of the roofline, you may also notice a vent, if you look close enough, those vents along with the small spoiler that pops out at the back generate the same downforce if this car had a wing on its back, Aston Martin wanted to keep the design of the car minimalistic and thus instead of putting a wing on its back, Aston Martin adopted this clever engineering technique.

Engine & Performance: -

The engine is truly magnificent. Having the option of two engines, A V8 and a V12, the car is quite versatile, we are going to discuss the V12 one because it’s more exciting. The V12 as you might expect and even, I expected isn’t naturally aspirated, but it doesn’t mean that the car isn’t exciting.

Having a 5.2-liter twin-turbocharged V12 under the hood, the DB 11 packs a heavy punch, so heavy that the momentum which with this car carries its occupants is neck-snapping, to say the least. 600 Pure British horses and 516 Pound ft. of torque, these numbers give you a result of 0 to 60 Mph in just 3.9 seconds and it’s also one of the few Astons that will cross the 200 Mph barrier without breaking a sweat.

Now, the DB 11 being a luxury Grand tourer weighs quite a lot, it’s just 98 Kg’s shy from weighing exactly 2 tonnes. Despite that the car has such a great performance, it’s crazy how Aston Martin manages to make a car so luxurious yet so fast. The DB 11 does a perfect job of hiding its weight.

Also, you may notice that the car doesn’t sit that low. The DB 11 is still a supercar but it’s a lot easier to drive on public roads because of its high clearance. It does need any nose lift, like the vantage or other Aston cars.

If you live in India, you surely know what’s the condition of public roads is in some areas, and that’s why a nose lift system sometimes becomes a necessity if you are a supercar owner in India, but not with the DB11. The DB 11 might be the perfect Aston Martin for India. The best part is that right now it’s the only Aston Martin available in India officially at a staggering price of 3.97 crores Ex-showroom (Delhi). The on-road price of the DB 11 in Delhi comes out to be just over 4.5 crores which are quite reasonable when you see that the other V12 Supercars available in India costs at least 1.5 crores above the DB 11, which makes no sense (Not even with the Aventador).

Interior: -

The Interior is where the real magic starts to unfold. I don’t know if you know this or not, but Mercedes has a 5% stake in Aston Martin and that’s why all the electrical stuff inside the DB 11 has been sourced from Mercedes, so the Infotainment system as you might have already guessed works smoothly like a swiss knife.

The Minimalistic approach of Aston Martin towards the exterior of the car has been carried to the Interior of the car as well.

Starting from the Visor, this might be the most luxurious Visor I have ever seen on a car, it has metal hinges made of Aluminium and leather-wrapped all around, even the Vanity Mirror cover is made out of Leather, that’s how insane the Attention to detail is in this car.

Even the doors of the DB 11 are power-assisted, and thus it’s very easy to open or close the door. The Doors as you might have noticed are a bit quirky, they don’t go fully upwards either do they open straight out, they open at a 30-degree angle, reason being, to avoid the curbs on the road, that’s thoughtful of Aston Martin they have considered all the scenarios the car might have to face and made the car around it.

The door panels can be speced in full leather, wood, and materials like these, which takes the freedom of designing the car according to your terms to the next level.

The Steering wheel is circular and it has some buttons over it to control various things on the digital instrument cluster and the infotainment system.

The instrument cluster is well laid out and can be read by the driver without any problem.

Overall, the interior is well laid out and is as best as one can ask for the money.

Conclusion: -

The DB 11 is not your standard high performing Supercar, it’s in a class of its own. It offers the engine, the looks, and the luxury, that no other Supercar offers. It is the best all-rounder supercar on sale today, that might sum it up.

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