Around the whole world, F1 enjoys a huge following. People just adore them. They are light, powerful, and without any comfort features. Every car enthusiast dreams to drive an F1 car once in Their Lifetime. But, most certainly it’s not possible, because these cars aren’t road legal and are just too low for the public roads. So, a British Manufacturer thought of just doing that, making a car that will provide an experience as close to as driving an F1 car and for a relatively affordable price. They started in 1898 as a Motorcycle Manufacturer and made exceptional motorcycles. Over time they experimented and made cars, trikes, quads, delivery, and military vehicles. In the 1900’s they experimented with a four-cylinder car known as the Aero simplex, they also experimented with six-cylinder engines. The company was affected by the ongoing world wars around the world. They continued to produce Motorcycles until 1973. The last motorcycle they produced was the Ariel Healey 4. After this, the company went on a hiatus for about 27 years. They came back with the Ariel atom in 2000. It was the first vehicle in 27 years to bear the Ariel name, so it was quite a special moment. Ariel found their success early on with the Atom as they chose their niche cleverly and with the correct timing. Also, they didn’t have to face any competition as there is nothing in the market that competes with the Atom in terms of experience at a relatively affordable price. Similar manufacturers like BAC have their Mono car that they market as the Ultimate car for having the F1 experience on public roads. But at a base price of $250K, it is far off the reach of most of the people. On the other hand, the Ariel Atom 4, the latest offering from the company costs around $53k for the base model, but there is nothing base about the Performance of the car. It is on par with the latest supercars in terms of Acceleration. It does 0 to 60mph in 2.8 seconds which is faster than the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ and it will do a 0 to 100moh in 6.8 seconds which is just bonkers fast. The BAC mono has almost similar acceleration, but since its single-seater concept feels more like a race car, people buy it. On the other hand, Ariel offers a Twin seat layout. Ariel has come a long way since 2000 has a lot more to win the market. This was a bit of briefing of the Ariel Brand. That’s it for this time guys. Thank you Chao

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