A few days ago, I came across news that "The First Indian Car" is Being Revived. Most people don't know this but Aravind founded by Late Mr. KAB Menon was the company that made the first Indian car. The car was called the Model 3 and it was an automotive gem at its time, unfortunately, the company didn't get financial support, from the government, thus being unable to set up a factory, what could have been a legendary era of Aravind was put to a full stop but....... Aravind automobiles are back!!!!!!!!!! Re founded by Sir Rathish R. Menon, Aravind is now on a mission to build the first Indian performance luxury EV Sedan. It will also be the first car to be tested on the legendary Nurburgring racetrack, their first car is expected to come around 2026 and I am sure they are going to absolutely nail it! Because I believe in them and their Vision!

The car is going to be fast that’s the least I can say for now, how fast? Well, Aravind says that they have a target of making the car fast enough to do 0 to 60mph in under 4 seconds and having a top speed around 250 kmph and that’s understandable because, in a real-world scenario, you will rarely, rarely go over 170 or 180 let alone 250 kmph.

Quickness is the thing that will be more usable in real life and the Aravind is pretty quick, to say the least. There will definitely be some unique selling points that the company will focus upon to build some hype and exclusivity around the car, but of course, they haven’t revealed it yet, just to keep everyone anticipated and eager about the launch of the car.

Also, this is going to mark the beginning of a different era of cars and car manufacturers in the Indian market, how? Well, never have Indian 4-wheeler manufacturers thought of building a product that will not only sell in the Indian market but will sell globally as well, in different countries, thus we have never thought of creating lap records or top speed records because Indians don’t care even a single bit about these things, they will be like, “oh, that’s cool, but does it have a piano black dashboard??”.

Can’t wait for the prototype of the car to get ready to be tested, so Aravind can go to Nurburgring and make history, by being the first Indian manufacturer to ever do so.

And who knows, after watching Aravind, our other Indian manufacturers like Pravaig and Vazirani might get a shot at the Nurburgring too, cause Nurburgring is the most famous track in the world and the presence of an Indian manufacturer there will definitely break some headlines here in India.

Only time will tell, how grand it will be. As of now, we can only wait for Aravind to do their work and reveal some more details about their upcoming models.

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