Hey everyone, if you remember some of the previous posts that I have written and look closely towards the upcoming automotive start-ups and businesses, you will see a huge overlap between industries nowadays.

For example, if we talk about the automotive industry, it’s not that only a mechanical engineer can come and work in the company, any person who is interested in working be it an electrical engineer or a software engineer can come and provide value to the automotive industry.

Even non-engineering departments like sales and marketing are being focused upon now because manufacturers know that there is a totally different world that exists online.

Now industries like the Solar industry, the 3D printing industry are relatively new, they are nothing if we compare them to the automotive industry. the automotive industry is over a century old and has evolved.

Evolving means they started collaborating with other companies. They started doing inter factory visits and started to integrate non-engineering departments into the company, departments about which we just talked above.

Now there is a new revolution that’s going on, in the last few years we have started to see how the 3d printing industry can make the automotive industry at least 100 times better if not more, that’s the potential it has.

Hypercar companies like Czinger have already started implementing futuristic technologies like generative designing while building their new Hypercar, which is too in the car's critical component like the suspension and the chassis, not just basic stuff.

And thus, with the year's progressive, we are going to see cars that will be designed and made more efficiently, in a way that the structural integrity of the car will be maintained but the material used for making the structure is going to be much less, that’s the future.

In the past and still used almost everywhere we used to take huge amounts of raw material and took the required part, the rest was just thrown away, this caused a lot of material wastage, but now the approach has been changed, now if we apply to make things with only the required amount on this way the material wastage is almost negligible.

First, this approach will be taken by the Hypercar manufacturers as we can see, then it will be implemented by supercar manufacturers and then it will ultimately trickle down to general or mass-market manufacturers. In about 10-20 years we will probably be able to see this thing being implemented in our daily lives.

So yeah, all I can say is that the future is going to be very exciting.

So, everyone, that will be all for this time, I trust you liked this one, if you did then do share it with your friends and do consider subscribing to Motordrift for more such content in the future.

Till then


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