Intro:- Hey you, remember the last time we talked about a German Supercar, yes it’s been quite a long time and thus this time you and I are heading to Germany to review a car that’s called the “The beast of the Green Hell”, if you are a hard-core car enthusiast like me you would have got that already and if not then don’t worry, today you will know about this car and the reason why it’s called the “The beast of the green hell”. You and I will have a look at the performance figures, the design, and the interior of the car and in the end, we will decide if this car is worthy of being called by this name. Ready? Design:- The Car in the discussion today is the AMG GT R, the best two-seater supercar you can buy from Mercedes if you have the money. It has the Iconic silhouette of previous AMG’s and honestly, this car looks sick. The wide front profile and lowered down body makes this car look very aggressive. The lines flow smoothly over the body and you won’t notice any angular aspects in this car which makes me come to my next point which is how gorgeous this car looks under a bright yellow sun. Buy this car in any color and I have sure you won’t stop admiring the beauty of this car. Mercedes had managed to pull off a design that’s aggressive yet beautiful at the same time. The Rear spoiler adds to the aggression and beauty factor of this car. The exhaust in the rear might give you the feel of a Bugatti Chiron cause that’s how they have designed, considering Mercedes’s obsession with Quad exhausts this is a completely new layout and I have to admit it does look cool. Aerodynamics:- The rear spoiler in the back is made up of carbon fiber which I am sure you love too! The Spoiler is not adjustable from inside the car and there is a very good reason for it, the retractable wing system increase the weight of the car by a significant amount and the goal behind making these cars is to save as much weight as possible. Though the wing can be adjusted manually. As you would have noticed the frontal area of this car is very wide, the reason being that huge engine in the hood. That engine is big and it needs to breathe air, a lot of air. Noticed the front splitter, its goal is to deflect the air coming at the car in two directions, upwards and sideways, to minimize drag. From the side profile, the side skirts can be noticed their job is to deflect the air towards the road and prevent the air from getting under the car and create lift. Performance:- Since it’s a supercar, performance is one of the top priorities. When you consider that the AMG GT R lapped the Holy track of Nurburgring in just 7 minutes and 10.92 seconds, you know that something special has to be under the hood, you are right. A 4.0-liter Bi-turbo V8 engine with 577 Horsepower and 700Nm. These numbers aren’t just for show. 0 to 60 Mph in just 3.6 seconds, that may not seem very fast but it has a lot of drama to it. And just so you know, this car doesn’t have launch control it has race start. This is one of the prime examples that Germans like to do things a bit differently. But hey, since this is a German Supercar it has to have a high top speed too cause you need to push your car to its top speed once you are on the infamous Autobahn. 318 Kmph of top speed is very fast as I think, it’s0 almost close to hitting 200 Mph, but that’s not the area where this car specializes, it feels at home when you take it to a track. Being a Rear-wheel drive, the fun factor is high. You can flick this car at its tail and it will provide you enjoyment all day long. Front tires are already massive at 275 and the rear’s are of 325 section, and that’s the reason why you would never struggle for traction in this car, nether will this car do unnecessary burnouts. The exhaust sound of this car perfectly suits its character, it’s loud, and it’s angry and never fails to impress you. It’s a front-mid engined car but Mercedes has engineered it perfectly to not understeer. Interior:- Since the driver spends most of his time inside the car it’s worthwhile to discuss it too. Germans make some of the nicest, coolest and up to date interiors, everyone knows that, same goes with the GT R. The thing that standouts most from the interior are the Traction control button, it has to be the coolest one I have ever seen on a supercar. You can go from a comfortable GT car to the beast of green hell mode in just a few seconds. The seats are the most comfortable bucket seats you will ever find on a supercar. Usually, bucket seats are not comfortable for long journeys but this one is perfect for doing all those things. The digital instrument cluster has been laid out well, infotainment works super fine. Ample amount of space for you to place your Cup-holders. Overall, the interior is very well laid out and is the ideal place to be. Conclusion:- The AMG GT R is as perfect as it can get. It’s one of the most reasonably priced supercars and it’s been engineered by the Germans so it’s good without a doubt. Its arch-rival is the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, it’s a fantastic car but as an overall car the AMG GT R is better, its versatility is the reason why it sells in such high numbers, it’s the ideal supercar it’s what a supercar needs to be. So, thank you for taking some of your valuable time to read this article, I hope you liked it but before we end I have a question for you ;) If you had 1, 50, 000 Dollars which car would you buy and why? Don’t forget to answer it in the comments section and so share it if you liked it. Ciao

Photo by Andre Eberlie from Flickr

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