Hey, guys, we have discussed Italians before, Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s have significantly contributed to our blogs, but there is one Italian manufacturer that doesn’t get the attention it deserves and it’s Alfa Romeo. Today we are going to discuss the car which is often dubbed as the “Italian M3”, it’s the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. Alfa has made various mistakes in the past with their cars that didn’t drove well and were quite overpriced, but Alfa has improved now by a large margin. The Giulia is one of the best saloon cars you can buy in the market, the Stelvio is one of the best performing small SUVs in the market and Alfa’s Quadrifoglio is Alfa’s performance division which makes their cars more fun and expensive.

To start from the Giulia looks stunning, Alfa has perfectly nailed the car from the design perspective, it looks aggressive and beautiful from every angle. The best thing about the design is that neither does it feels boxy and nor does it looks like a coupe car that sacrifices headroom for the rear passengers, the smooth flowing lines form a silhouette of the perfect saloon car one can imagine. The wheel design is unmistakably Alfa because it looks synonymous with the Quadrifoglio logo. It houses a 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V6 with 512 Horsepower and 443 Pound ft. of torque, curb weight comes in at 1,524Kgs thanks to expensive carbon fiber parts like the carbon Prop shaft and bonnet. The car is a Rear-wheel-drive so that it means having fun while doing burnouts isn’t a big thing. And I Love Alfa Romeo for giving the option of a Manual transmission along with an Automatic ZF speed transmission. Sadly, the UK will only have the option of an automatic. Carbon ceramic brakes on this car are optional though I fully recommend going with them rather than the standard steel brakes to increase your braking performance.

The car is very comfortable to drive, the adaptive dampers and suspension do the job very well in adapting to the type of road. It sounds good with those blacked out quad exhaust pipes in the back. The rear diffuser does the job pretty well of keeping the car stable. The Giulia does come with some of its downsides as well, for example, it feels and it is longer and bulkier than the M3 which affects the handling significantly. The Engine is very punchy, it takes some to release all that torque, unlike the M3 in which you have most of the torque available right from 0 RPM. The Giulia makes for a very good tourer, its comfortable, luxury, the materials aren’t as expensive as those on an M3, but if you buying a car on this basis then you probably don’t care about the driving experience. The top end is where the Giulia starts to shine. The top speed at 307Kmph is seriously impressive considering that saloon cars with over 600Horsepower go to the same speed, Alfa has seriously worked upon the aerodynamics of this car. The engine revs out beautifully. The variable differential in the rear doesn’t quite work well with the engine in generating the torque. The ability to slide around in corners is where the Alfa shines. One of the other downsides that one might face while driving this car is the moment you turn the ESP off in when you go into the race mode, the engine response increases and the exhaust becomes louder if you intervene with the ABS while in being in this mode, the ESP gets turned on and that implies that the transitions are a bit of a problem.

Alfa made an RWD car after like 2 decades, it’s a wonderful effort by them. Is it as good as the class-leading M3? No, it isn’t but we can’t expect Alfa to make their first effort in creating such a car and become the category leader, I am sure Alfa is going to improve their cars on a much larger level in the future but currently, I am impressed by the Giulia and I love it.

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Photo by Jon Wheel On unsplash

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