When I started my Podcast ( Shift with Motordrift!) 7 months ago, I had only one target in mind To Convey the message and that is to spread the love for automobiles that I had since I was a kid I didn't know it was going to happen so soon but I finally managed to get a racing driver on my Podcast He is Brett Suggs a 19-year-old racing driver who races in the Southwest Super truck series which is a local racing series in North Carolina, USA.

On this Podcast, he discussed with our host Rishab his Journey and his future plans for his racing career. He also gave advice to enthusiasts who plan on getting into racing.

In the starting, I used to discuss cars with my friends, so it was just a conversation between two enthusiasts but now for the first time do I feel that I have done something significant Now my next target is to provide my audience with as much value as possible by bringing out the stories of these racing drivers, stories of the folks who have been in the automotive industry for a long time, and other reviewers who have been in the automotive industry for long! If you are seeing this post, It would mean a lot if could if you could just show a little support by subscribing to the channel or by supporting me on Patreon


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